The thing I am looking for in a mate is Merlin/Creator God status.

So I have lots of guys that have asked me out over the years, and the majority of them I say no to, or I go out on one date with and that’s it. Sometimes of course it turns into a relationship for a while… But nothing has ever turned into getting married right?

And recently as I have been getting deeper and deeper into myself, I have come to realize what I was really/actually looking for.

I was looking for a man who shared my archetype of Creator God and Merlin and powerful Creator. I was looking for Creator God status on an identity level whether the person consciously knew it or not (probably not – most people don’t even recognize they are this even when they are it…)

But this was never something I could have figured out if I hadn’t first identified this level of identity with in MYSELF.

Creator God is a mixture of the Artist Archetype, the Wizard Archetype and the God Archetype.

The God Archetype as defined by me at this point in time: the part of you that knows his/her power. NOT IN AN “egotistical” way…… NOT IN A “I’m the center of the universe/selfish” way… BUT IN A…. I know my full power kind of way. I know I am at one with the universe kind of way. I know the power of the universe flows thru me. I know my co-creative power with the universe and I stand tall, and I stand fully.

>>Because how could I NOT know I am made of god-stuff?

>>How could I not know I am made up of God Sparkly Particles??

Because of course I am!

Of course I am loved!

Of course the The Universe/God Force flows thru me!

And of course I can create the most epic amazeballs life for myself and impact millions and bring more love to the planet.

Of course.

There is no other way…. BECAUSE THIS IS WHO I AM. AT MY CORE.

And it is that quality that I have to have in all my close relationships. It is that quality that I am looking for in a romantic partner.

Because I can’t live. Without. This.

Any more than I could live with out being this in my core. Its who I have ALWAYS been underneath all the bullshit and underneath all the fears that I have gone thru over the years. And all the patters I have dismantled and allowed to fall away.

This is who I have always been.

It would behoove your to find your base archetype. Hint: its probably mine, or super close in frequency to mine, OR YOU WOULDN’T BE READING THIS.

But that is for you to see. And for you to discover.

Because when you see this part of you… it LOOKS like nothing has happened on the outside, but EVERYTHING has happened in the inside. The universe has irrevocably changed. Forever. For the goodness of your whole life and experience. And suddenly everything in your life makes sense. All your desires. All your hopes and dreams. All of you. Just. Makes. Sense.

XOXO Arwen

When you are fully YOU everything flows.

When you find your core truth and when you become and embody and BE fully your base archetype every singe day everything unfolds easy and naturally. One of my base archetypes is Merlin. And the more I embody my inner Merlin the happier I am and the more things flow. And when you fully embody YOU and you love you fully… then people will love you and your stuff fully. People will go to your blog/social media whatever to look at your stuff. Because they love reading your shizzle! They love love watching you online and love being around you! Of course they do! Because your soulmate tribe/following is just like you because at your core frequency you are them and they are you. You both are one and so they love listening/interacting with you and having fun with you! And that is the best thing ever. And that was always the point of my business! To have it be an extension of me. And my love, and my crazy energy stories. And my Merlin-ness. And I wish the same for you too.



MF Magical Business Mindset Shizzle

I made a new category on my blog today and I called it:

“““MF Magical Business Mindset Shizzle.”””

Previously it was called Business Mindset. But really that’s freaking boring. Its so boring I can’t believe the previous version of me thought that was good idea! Business mindset!!!!!! How BORING! Really, what was I thinking??

>I created this business to be fun and I created it to be effective.

>EFFECTIVE in showing you how to be yourself in FULL FORM and allow your passion to flow out and to allow money to flow in.

(notice I didn’t say earn money – you don’t need to earn anything, you’ve always been valuable and money has nothing to do with work and ego action anyways it always always has to do with vibration.)

>EFFECTIVE in showing you that its not that hard —- in fact its 5,000 times easier when you get your vibration right — than it ever was in following ‘how to’ solutions where you ‘do stuff’ in order to ‘get stuff’.

Because vibration is always how the universe has worked! Doing things to get things has nothing to do with the physics of creation. Because the physics of creation has to do with vibration and resonance.

> EFFECTIVE in showing you that are the magical mystical ingredient in whatever it is you desire to create including a business.

Which means you can do this however you want.

And it is safe for you to be yourself. Like majorly epic-ly fully yourself. And in fact you can make up words like “epic-ly” and people are going to get YOU.

Because business isn’t about targets and numbers, and having certain ‘things’ in place and if you don’t have those things in place then your not good enough.

So ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!! If someone tells you that, then RUN AWAY!

Because if your a Merlin archetype you know in your heart that ‘the do stuff to get stuff’ isn’t true.

And if your a Merlin archetype you know that you can create your life as if it is a canvas for all the love in your heart and you can manifest all the things you want easy and naturally. (when your a vibrational match to that thing)

And if your a Merlin archetypes then you know that you don’t need to follow the rules of your industry OVER your heart. Because the rules of your industry are from people who aren’t Merlins at their core and don’t understand the physics of creation. Period.

You have to be true to yourself. And work, and create, and do things and express things the way YOU NATURALLY DO IT. Not the way someone else tell you to . Or society tell you to. Or your family members tell you to. But the way that YOU WANT TO.

Because you are the door for all of creation to flow thru.



Money isn’t power >>YOU ARE POWER<<

Having surplus money is a choice. Having plenty of money is a choice. Because having surplus and having more than enough is a frequency within your vibrational energy field. And when you feel that frequency/emotion inside of you… then your experiential reality reflects that.

I have been embodying the frequency of more than enough.

I have been embodying the frequencies of I have everything I need.

Everything just comes to me easily and naturally.

I am a vibrational match to ease and grace.

>>>>>>>>>>.And this is NOW WHAT I GET.<<<<<<<<<<<<

I used to be a match for net zero at the end of every month. And I used to think that I didn’t have any money left of at the end of the month because of my job. Because I didn’t make enough money. And if I just made more money then I would be able to save. THEN I would have more than enough. THEN I would have all the things that I need.

Lies. Lies. Lies.

I believed this because I believed the fallacy that money is power. And on the ‘outside’ money looks like power. But its an illusion. Money looks like power because if you want to buy something in our society, you need money, (most of the time/generally).

Oh you want rent/buy a more epic apartment/house? Well you need money. Oh you don’t want to work at a job you hate? Well you need money to leave.

Oh you want to travel the world in 5 star style? Well you need money.

And on and on this can go. And NONE OF THIS IS TRUE.

>>Money isn’t power.


>>You are powerful.

>>It is all YOU.

>>You are powerful because it is you that allows god force energy to flow thru you and manifest your desires. (you don’t actually do anything except inspired/heart action, but that is another whole blog post)

When you don’t know this… then you ‘think’ its —->“the money”. You think its the —-> thing/circumstance/issue/other person “OUTSIDE” of you that is keeping things from you. But its not that. I just LOOKS like that. But really its you. Its that your frequency isn’t a vibrational match to what you want. IT IS ALL YOU.

And you have the power to adjust your frequency/beliefs/emotions/reality set to any level of receiving and ease and grace that you want. And that is what I teach. How to be especially you. How to remember your power. How to make things easy and natural and how to have everything be an extension of your heart frequencies. Which is really really freaking easy when your YOU all the way, and your operating from your core truth… and then everything in your reality reflects back that truth to you. And then you write a blog like this to wake up other people who are actually your past self. Who are actually just like you… but they haven’t gotten all the “ah, Ha!’s” yet that you have. But YOU WILL because you are here. And YOU are amazing. And YOU are a Creator God in form. And I LOVE YOU. And YOU WILL remember your true power. Authentically. From inside of YOU.

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