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The Energy of the Isis Oracle:

Ancient power is what I hear in my head as I meditate on the dominate archetype energy of these cards. And feminine energy and what it means to be feminine embodies and using your power in this realm. Theses cards also have the energy of the initiate. Someone who has gone thru great challenge to learn and reach new heights on a soul level of the service to the one. If you are drawn to these cards you probably have had many lives in a temple in service to Isis (you know in recent history, like the last 2000 years). And if you move even deeper back into the energy of your soul history, you probably had lives with the Goddess Isis herself… when she manifested in certain times way, way, back…. Like 10,000 years plus. The late Dolores Cannon has an example of a past life regression she did for someone where they remembered their being in service to Isis (who was really present) in ancient times. It’s in her most recent book “The Search For Hidden Sacred Knowledge”. (note: Being a medium it’s as easy for me to access recent lifetimes as it is to access those form long long ago before the scientist can even agree we were civilized. So I don’t doubt Dolores accounts in her books)

What I love about these cards:

These cards are great because they have a sort of energy to them that allows them to pull up pieces of self that are either stuck or lost that need integration. So these cards have great energy when it comes to bringing to light aspects of self that need to be seen, expressed, and enfolding back into your over soul. They are also great because they let your ego know what is going on!

What kind of Readings The Isis Oracle Cards show up for:

In readings often come up for people who are having a dark night of the soul or just need to see the light. Like a brilliant sun shining the path and lighting the way to the true way of being that is going to give their soul joy and happiness and allow them to express their highest purpose on this plane. This deck is about shining your best aspects forward. it’s about capitalizing on your strengths and filing your body up with courage, acceptance and divine love. It’s about having courage on the path your walking and remembering to have confidence that you too will reach the end and become your most awakened self.

Let me know in the comments if you relate to the Goddess Isis and if you presently use this deck. 💗💖
Thanks guys!

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