Do You Have Non-Soulmate Chairs In Your House!?

Do You Have Non-Soulmate Chairs In Your House!?

Do You Have NON-SOULMATE CHAIRS In Your House!?

Ok, so I bought the soul mate couch!! The couch you see me sitting on here… TOTAL SOULMATE COUCH!!! The other 2 chairs that you don’t see pictured that I also bought at the auction… not soulmate chairs.

But I’ll get to that… in my story here….

So about a month before I was thinking about what I wanted in the ultimate vision for my living room to be. How I wanted to FEEL when I was in it.

How I wanted it to LOOK…

How I wanted to feel supported and feel surrounded by luxury…

And how I wanted to feel like it was TOTALLY ME!

If anyone walked into my living room, they would be like… “Oh, yeah…. you would have that! That is soooooo you!”

THAT was the vibe I was going for.

And in my mind I saw the triply 1880s curly furniture that I like in brocade and velvet. I saw my sassy curtains that kind of matched, and kind of not. And I saw not only feeling good on the couch, but also filming my YouTube videos in there so the whole living room was not only a place where I could feel good, but the whole thing was also a filming set instead of just my desk area.

And I did what anyone would do… I got onto FB shopping / Craigslist and checked out the Victorian furniture. It was all too expensive OR moderately cheap but in serious need of new upholstery.

And I thought… wouldn’t it be nice, if I could just find something newer, a reproduction is fine, so that it doesn’t contain horse hair and mold, and it was already painted, (I can’t do chemicals of any kind) and it was already upholstered in trippy damask fabric (I don’t know how to upholster) and it was ALREADY done for me. And I could just BUY it. That would feel so much better than going thru all the motions of creating/paining/upholstering what I wanted etc.

Then I decided that what I wanted would come to me. And I would know it when I saw it. And that I didn’t need to do too much. Basically I then stopped thinking about it.

Fast forward 2 weeks and I wake up to a text massage from my friend about an auction where the excess stuff from a restaurant is being sold… this SOUMATE COUCH being included. And it was filled with gaudy frilly furniture! I was elated!!!!

So I bought the epic couch you see pictured, and I bought 2 other chairs in good shape — but NOT in alignment with my ULTIMATE LIVINGROOM VISION.

And I bought them to make money on. And brought both these two chairs to places I had sold to in the past… and they were rejected due to excess inventory etc. Now I have 2 non-soulmate chairs. In my house. Taking up space.

So here is the point of my story…. Where are you doing this in your life???

Where are you allowing “non-soulmate chairs” to into your life??

Where do you have stuff…. or things…. or thoughts….. or routines/habits that are TAKING UP SPACE IN YOUR LIFE because they are NOT ‘soulmate things’?

I’m serious here! If you have a bunch of stuff/ thoughts/ clogging up your energy field, your mind, your emotions… it is harder to move forward. Because these things are taking up space/energy.

They are detracting you from feeling calm and centered. They are detracting from you being fully present in your body. Don’t you always FEEL better when your space is clean and organized? I know I do!

Having non-soulmate anything in your house / life is like TELLING the universe…

“Mediocre stuff is ok for me.”

“Things that don’t really suit my energy are ok for me.”

“I can settle… that’s fine…”

“Things that aren’t a hell yes are ok for me.”

Which doesn’t make space for what REALLY MATTERS. What you really WANT. And what really is suited for YOU. What you DEEPLY DESIRE. What you want more than ANYTHING.

What is your soulmate life?

What is your soulmate vision?

What is your soulmate couch vision?

This stuff matters!

The more you are surrounded by you and your true essence, the more you step into it. The more you surround yourself with things that resonate at the highest level for you…. The more you are uplifted in all areas.

So my exercise for you today is… to look around your house and ask yourself, “What is aligned with my highest vision, and what is not?”

“What needs to stay?”

“And what needs to go?”

Then do what feels right accordingly.

Wishing you alllll the soulmate couches that you could ever want…




I have already put the non-soulmate chairs in the next (different) auction so they are scheduled to leave soon. Besides, I don’t think the epic soul-mate couch wants to hang out them too much longer anyways.

Everything gets to be soul aligned.

I have been doing a massive amount of journaling lately. Journaling about life. About what to do next in my business. About what epic course to create because I LOVE creating online courses. And I was choosing to do something next that felt  >>almost<< aligned. That felt >>almost<< right. And maybe it is right. But it doesn’t feel like the >>‘rightest’<< thing to do right NOW. And maybe it will be more >>right<< later.


But then when I started listening to Beethoven on YouTube… and doing my manifesting journaling… I ended up stepping into massive flow… and had a massive vibrational raising. I could feel myself vibrating and undulating with all the quantum particles, the beautiful frequency waves of my future self.


The one that is a few months ahead of me.


The one that took the aligned action.


The one that is in the highest vibrational probability of joy and happiness….


And from that STATE… everything became clear. Everything came into focus.


And I realized… that I forgot… that getting into that high manifesty state is THE THING that creates. It is the thing that brings forth the reality of great joy.

And that is the best way to call things in. And in fact… that is the way we were ALWAYS supposed to call things in!!!


Because from there we are in a state of alignment with our higher selves.


And manifesting from “NOT FLOW”…

Makes things boring.

And slow.

And not interesting.

Because in that state of being your brain (as opposed to your heart) is in the ‘doing things to get things’ paradigm.


And the past few days… I was thinking along the lines of….

“I should do ‘that’ online course because that would work.”

“Because that would be a bread and butter course – because everyone needs that.”

But when I got into super flow journaling… it didn’t quite match.


I mean it sort of matches, but it’s NOT IT. It feels like an 8… But really, it needs to be an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. It needs to be a SUPER YES. A HELL YES.


And that is the whole point. The whole point is for everything to be a super yes in my life. The whole point is for everything to feel good and aligned. Because everything gets to be aligned in my life and this is my choice. This is my core value set. And this is what I desire.


And what you desire is what you get to have always. What is true for you gets to be your reality set as well. But you have to claim it and that starts with noticing when you are NOT following deepest desires. When you are NOT following deepest soul longing. When you are NOT in that state of “Yes this is a hell yes”!!


The point is NOT to create from a state of mediocrity… and definitely NOT to create something just for money… and definitely NOT to create something just because it seems LOGICAL…

“Oh that this is the thing I SHOULD be doing.” “That is the thing that OTHERS will want.”


NO that is never the reason to do something!!!


Not if you want an extraordinary life!!! Not if you want to operate in super flow and have your life support you. And have your creativity support you!


So step into your flow state. CHOOSE to go there. CHOOSE to move your energy into your hell yes energy. And stay up in that rainbow flow of “Yes… everything is flowing… everything feels good. This is the right thing for me to be doing. This feels good. This feels aligned.


And from there you create worlds. And from there a career that you also desire. And you command the whole universe from this vibrational state of being one within it. And of being one with your heart. And it all comes rushing to you now, and the LOVE expands. And the JOY expands. And this is where everything is always created anyways.




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