Energy Healing & Intuitive Life Coaching

Energetic Alignment for those ready to align with their souls true path.

Currently I’m offering Clairvoyant Readings as well as Quantum Energy Shifting Sessions… and I also have two spots open for Energy Apprentices who want to learn how to work on the quantum energy realm to shift and change situations and patterns in their life.

All problems/situations/relationships in your life are patterns of light and information… and all patterns can be read, shifted, and transmuted back to template. Energy cannot be created or destroyed… just rearranged. If you are having situations in your life that you don’t like… then the energy is just out of alignment. It’s either in a pattern of distortion FROM Divine Template… or it is in the IMAGE of Divine Template. In a reading I hold space and allow the energy to enfold itself back into your divine templates configuration. So that the light and information of the pattern (aka problem) is back in resonance with your Divine Soul Template.

A Clairvoyant Reading is similar to a Tarot reading in that you should come prepared with questions / situations that you want clarity on. And instead of using the cards, I will ask questions to and receive clairvoyant images in my mind to ‘read’ the energy of an energy dynamic / situation. I find that doing readings this way allows me to go into greater depth and detail than by just using Tarot cards… and I can not only help you understand the situation in greater detail and depth… but we can cover much more ground this way. Because I’m able to move faster energetically we can cover all the elements that need to be addressed. I also can focus and get very action oriented steps for you to take and focus on as well. 

A Quantum Energy Shifting Session (I like to use the word ‘shifting’ instead of ‘healing’ because we tend to think of healing meaning only the physical body, when it is of course NOT limited to that all!) is a session where I will be tapping into the quantum level and holding sacred space and allowing the energetic patterns within you to shift back into harmony. This is a perfect fit for you if you you don’t just want to analyze the problem… but you actually want to CHANGE it. I’ll be using quantum energy techniques to shift and change the pattern. This may include deleting timelines, dissolving vows and contracts, clearing ancestral stuff, integrating aspects of self that have fragmented out and collapsing dimensions back to divine template, and removing the resonance of morphic fields. If you are familiar with Matrix Energetics, Access Consciousness, or Theta Healing… this gives you an idea of what I will be holding space for so that Source Energy can reconfigure itself back into harmony.

With the practitioners I’ve worked with over the years… most of them… I didn’t even know what they did at first. I just knew I needed to work with them! And I’m sure it is the same for you too… so if you want to work with me you’ll just know!! Follow your gut instinct always.

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