Energy Healing & Intuitive Life Coaching

Energetic Alignment for those ready to align with their souls true path.


All problems/situations/relationships in your life are patterns of light and information… and all patterns can be read, shifted, and transmuted back to Divine Template. Energy cannot be created or destroyed… just rearranged. If you are having situations in your life that you don’t like… then the energy is just out of alignment. It’s either in a pattern of distortion FROM Divine Template… or it is in the IMAGE of Divine Template. In a session I hold space and allow the energy to enfold itself back into your divine templates configuration. So that the light and information of the pattern (aka problem) is back in resonance with your Divine Soul Template.

Quantum Energy Healing is a where I will be tapping into the quantum level and holding sacred space and allowing the energetic patterns within you to shift back into harmony. This is a perfect fit for you if you don’t just want to analyze the problem… but you actually want to CHANGE it. I’ll be using quantum energy techniques to shift and change the pattern. This may include deleting timelines, dissolving vows and contracts, clearing ancestral stuff, integrating aspects of self that have fragmented out and collapsing dimensions back to divine template, and removing the resonance of morphic fields. If you are familiar with Matrix Energetics, Access Consciousness, or Theta Healing… this gives you an idea of what I will be holding space for so that Source Energy can reconfigure your specific patterns in your energy field back into harmony.

With the practitioners I’ve worked with over the years… most of them… I didn’t even know what they did at first. I just knew I needed to work with them! And I’m sure it is the same for you too… so if you want to work with me you’ll just know!! Follow your gut instinct always.

Right now I am currently offering Quantum Energy Healing work. You can either book a single session with me (Quantum emotional Clearing) and we’ll address a subject in your life and I’ll quantumly clear it / rearrange the energy so you can receive something different / more aligned in your life.

Or you can work with me in a more intimate environment in my 1:1 High Level 3 month energetic container. This is for you is you want the highest level of support and are at the level to receive this level of healing, and we are an energetic match to working together right now.

Feel free to message me on my PERSONAL FB PAGE (I don’t like the biz page messenger inbox, is too hard to see) or you can email me at support{AT} I’ll get back to you with in 24 hours. (If I don’t I’m not being rude, I just probably didn’t see it.) So if you want to work with me in a high level intimate 3 month container you’ll just know as it’s a soul ‘thing’. And if you have any questions, we can do a single session so you experience what working with me would be like, or just message / email me if you don’t even need that and you’re ready to sign up. On my end I’ll just energetically check into that we’re a match to working together and if we are we can get started! This is my favorite thing to do! If I feel we are not a match for whatever reason I will let you know.

P.S. I am not doing individual tarot readings at the moment. I know a lot of you have seen my videos on YouTube and still message me wanting tarot readings. If I change my mind about this you’ll see it on this page that I am doing those again. Right now the most soul aligned thing for me to be doing is the energy work that I do. So if you want to do energy work with me, great! If you still want a tarot reading I recommend Nicky at She is mainly on Instagram @thevanmystic.

Much love guys.


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