Quantum Energetic Clearing for Viruses

Group energetic quantum clearing around viruses. There is no space, there is no time, and everything is energy. I’m going to do clearings for:
⫸all viruses in general
⫸all coronaviruses
⫸all herpes viruses
⫸all shingles viruses
⫸all epstein-barr viruses
⫸all HPV
⫸all viral neuro-tozins, derma-toxins, any other viral byproducts whether known or unknown, physical or etheric.
I’m also going to clear any an all emotional issues related to viruses.
Additionally, I’ll clear ancestral patterns, oaths/vows/contracts, DNA imprints, morophic fields and parallel realities and more.
*This energetic clearing isn’t meant to cure / treat / or prevent any virus. It is designed to stop your unconscious from having ‘issues’ with them. Every problem is easier to solve if your not having issues (aka an emotional charge) with a situation. All intuitive gut feelings are easier to hear as well if you are not having issues with something.

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