Quit making shit harder than it really is day 2.

Quit making shit harder than it really is day 2.
Are you saying what you want?
Are you affirming it with faith?
Are you shifting and re-calibrating your sub to your new normal?
Or are you saying its to hard.
It’s too far away.
And it can’t be done. Not now. Now by you.
Not without struggle and hardship.
What if you were creating the struggle and hardship just by allowing that energy to stay in your body? What if you looked at struggle as an uninvited house guest? And you just got to eject it? How would soul do that? How would you choose to shift? And what could be possible NOW? If you did so? And stood up for your dreams like a linebacker and refused to back down. Because you know in you heart and soul what is already yours energetically and you took a stand for it and called it in like the Merlin you are?
P.S. I know nothing about football so hopefully I didn’t fumble that analogy. But you know what I mean.

Stop making shit harder than it really is.

Stop making shit harder than it really is.
Everything is what you say it is. If you say that Social Media is draining and exhausting then it is. If you say that Social Media is fun and uplifting and you have super fun connecting with your peeps… Then it is.
Stop blaming things on outside circumstances when it’s YOU.
Your choices, your perceptions, your ideas about what you get to have and how things get to go for you… is your responsibility.
What are you NOT taking responsibility for in your life right now? And choosing to consequently shift?



Ummmmm. The answer is YES in todays #oraclecardoftheday

So if you have been thinking about doing something… the cosmic forces are saying YES. If you have been toying with a new way of doing something… Of changing something in your life… Or rearranging a situation that you have going on… Then the answer is YES.
The thing that comes to your mind right now as your reading this? Yes that’s the thing. And the answer is YES. If this doesn’t make sense to you… ask yourself the question…
“What would need to be different for this to be a YES?”
Would I need more support?
To rearrange my schedule?
To take certain things away?
To add something else? A habit? A decision?
What would make this a super hell yes!??
It is your job as a creator to make things work for you. To rearrange situations, perceptions, and circumstance so that they support you. And they make you feel good. And your energy expands. And they can be a SUPER HELL YES!!
Because if your settling.. your never going to be in SUPER YES energy. And then its harder for the universe to bring you things and its harder for your receive them.
I’m using the #workyourlightoracle by #rebeccacampbell

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