10 Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning Upright & Reversed

Ten of Pentacles Meaning Upright in a Tarot Reading

When I think of the ten of pentacles I think of comfort. All is well. The card feels to me like someone who has put in lots of work over their lifetime and now they are in their retirement years (or the final stages of something) and they can sit back and relax. This card is different than the nine of pentacles in that the characters in the card are all family and share ancestors. So this card speaks to carrying on the legacy of your forefathers. It’s achieving success (especially financial) and fulfillment by having continued the steps of your ancestors. It reminds me of the owner of a vineyard who is wealthy in family, in prosperity, and in material wealth. The land was first planted with grapes by his great great grandfather kind of thing. So this card talks about having to continue to put one foot in front of the other long term and keep taking steps forward. It talks of building on the family’s strengths and making it greater and talks of creating something that is greater than the family whole itself. For instance, maybe grandpa had just his children helping him, and now the grandson of the family has his family helping him as well as 10 employees and their wine is sold in several different countries. That’s the vibe of this card. So this story that I have explained is an analogy or father archetypes that this card deals with so you’ll have to use your intuition to see how it applies to your situation.

Reversed Ten of Pentacles Meaning in a Tarot Reading

Where as the upright ten of pentacles talks of things coming together to build something great over the long term, the revered ten of pentacles talks of things that have built up long term being divided. So the land, or the business, or resources of some sort are being divided. Remember this is the suit of pentacles so it talks about assets in the physical world as opposed to psychological things. So the analogy that comes into my head if we’re going to go with the previous example… is that the patriarch of the wine family dies and there wasn’t a will detailing the dispersal of the assets, so the estate must follow state laws and that dictates that the vineyard must be dividend among siblings. Things divided. Or there is a divorce… and assets, financial investments, houses, cars and vacation homes must now be liquidated and dispersed. The estate or business is now cut into pieces. If there is a business and it is run by more than one person, then their differences may now be causing a dissolving or splitting up of the partnership.

The second thing the ten of pentacles reversed can mean is that all the wealth, property, and assets can feel like a burden. When the card is upright it feels like all the financial resources are very supportive and allow the family members freedom. But reversed, this ten of pentacles feels like all the financial resources are a burden in some way. So maybe all the wealth comes with certain commitments to perform certain duties or attend in certain social circles but this feels draining now. Or they thought that all the money, and wealth, and financial investment, and vacation homes would bring fulfillment, but really it is tiring because of the constant upkeep and it never really was part of that person value structure anyways. Maybe they thought the money would bring freedom, but instead it feels more like a prison.

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9 Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning Upright & Reversed

Nine of Pentacles Meaning Upright in a Tarot Reading

The nine of pentacles character in this card is very financial abundant. She is financially wealthy or independent in some way. She either has investments that support her or a lavish retirement. Her house is paid for and she has a plenty of financial cushion. She feels relaxed and abundant. She has plenty of time for pampering herself and helping others. She has lots of time to spend as she pleases and might do charity work as well. The nine of pentacles tarot card had the overall feeling of ease and grace regarding life’s journey. She is abundant in money and time and resources. She is living a blessed life. She is very financially astute and takes care of her affairs. She is responsible and proud of the life she has cultivated for herself.

Nine of Pentacles Meaning Reversed in a Tarot Reading

The reversed nine of pentacles is someone who has no time for themselves. They are always hustling and bustling, maybe they are a work-a-holic, or maybe they are over extending in taking care of their family or others. But whatever their circumstances are… they have no leisure time. They have a lack of time, a lack of money, an lack of resources and support. Where the nine of pentacle upright speaks of a massive amount of support… the revered nine of pentacles speaks of a severe lack of support. So much so that the characters health may be diminished as a result. You have no time for concerts on the weekend, vacations with spouses, let alone coffee breaks with friends because you are way to overextended, and as such you find yourself always saying ‘I’m too busy’. But are you really? This card is calling you to really look at your situation and ask yourself if all this movement and action is necessary. Are all the things you’ve committed to are responsible for really necessary? Are they adding to your life? This is the time to ask yourself what do you value? And put your time and energy toward those things and drop what is subtracting from your life.

Now if we allow ourselves to go a layer down energetically in this archetypes of the nine of pentacles reversed… what comes up for me is this feeling in the body of not being valuable. So on some level the character in the card may feel that they are not valuable or their work isn’t valuable. And this may lead them to feeling that they have to work excessively in order to receive or that they just can’t receive a good amount of money for the work that they do put out there. So they might be undercharging for their work or services etc. They might be getting a lower salary simply because they don’t value themselves more and ask for a raise or switch companies and own their value and seek a higher salary.

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8 Eight of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning Upright & Reversed

Eight of Pentacles Meaning Upright

The eight of pentacles tarot card meaning typically shows a youth totally engrossed in a project of some kind. He is learning and sharpening this skills. Perhaps he is apprenticing with someone to learn and refine his skill. The eight of pentacles talks of someone who is a master at his skill and takes great pride in his work. He is dedicated and committed to creating masterful work in the world and nothing less will do. He is putting in long hours to perfect his skill and intends to take it to market shortly. This can mean your working on your college degree or some sort of technical skill or degree and are finishing up. This can mean also that you are honing your skills in some sort of profession like tarot, or drawing, graphic design, or metal working. You are becoming a master at your craft.

Eight of Pentacles Meaning Reversed

The reversed eight of pentacles can mean you are so focused on the trees that you can’t see the forest. You are so bogged down in the details of your project or craft that you are forgetting the whole reason for doing the craft, or business, or project etc. The second things the reversed eight of pentacles can mean is that you have just trained and learned a skill that is obsolete or not in demand. So you got your degree in X but X is no longer marketable and it is hard to get a job. The eight of pentacles reversed meaning may also mean you have learned skills that don’t suit your natural abilities. Maybe you decided to learn X because you thought you should or because others told you it would lead to a good job, but it wasn’t what you really wanted to do. And definitely wasn’t based on your unique gifts and abilities that you have to share with the world. When the eight of pentacle is upright the card talks about taking your innate gifted skills into the market place, basically what your good at and ‘meant’ to be doing. But when the card is reversed, you may have studied and honed a craft that as never your strength and unique talent in the first place, and thus it is unfulfilling.

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7 Seven of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning Upright & Reversed

Seven of Pentacles Meaning Upright

In the seven of pentacles we have a character tending his garden and his foliage is growing pentacles symbolizing the fruits of his labor. Just as a garden of any kind requires lots of time and tending to. So does any sort of financial project / career / or job. The seven of pentacles talks about making plans for the long term. Sustainable plans. Things that can stand the test of time and allow you to reap success for the years to come. This card also talks about how putting in the time and effort now will bring you success later. You can’t grow a successful business if you don’t know every single day, and you can’t bring a project to fruition if you don’t show up and work on it as well. It’s a journey not a destination.

Seven of Pentacles Meaning Reversed

The seven of pentacles reversed talks about wanting a reward without putting in the effort. So this character would want there payoff now without having to wait. This talks of being impatience, impulsive, and greedy. They may want more than the project / career etc. can give at the moment. Their desires / demands are more than the plant can ‘produce’ at this time. The seven of pentacles reversed could also mean that you are toiling away in the fields or shelling out a bunch of money but are not getting anything in return. So the project that your working on feels more like a black hole of resources than something that gives back and nourishes you. The advice of the seven of pentacles reversed would be to take a step back and reevaluate what is working and what is not, and then adjust accordingly. The 80 / 20 principal applies here. (20% of what you do produces 80% of your results)

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6 Six of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning Upright & Reversed

Six of Pentacles Meaning Upright

The six of pentacles talks of giving and charity. In this card the central character is giving to those in need. So this suggests giving without looking to receive something in return. The giving is truly a gift. This card generally talks of receiving money without strings in some way, but it could also be resources or an opportunity that helps you and gives you a leg up financially. So it could be that someone lets you live in their spare apartment rent free or paying just the utilities for a short duration. Even though they aren’t directly giving you money, they are helping you out financially. You could be the person doing the giving in this card or the one receiving you’ll have to use your intuition to see which character fits best for the reading your doing. The six of pentacles can also denote raising money for a cause or doing some sort of fundraising for a company or project. Maybe even a Kickstarter campaign. It can indicate tithing to your local church or animal shelter. The six of pentacles is about generosity and has a feeling of more than enough and abundance linked to it.

Six of Pentacles Meaning Reversed

In the six of pentacles reversed you may be giving too much money away or giving money to someone that can really take care of themselves but just wont. So this could be a situation where someone is dependent on you and is fully able bodied to got a job / support themselves, but they don’t and it is draining to you financially to continue to support them. The six of pentacles speaks of giving too much. You say you’ll help someone with something and then they ask you to do eight other things as well. You lend someone money and then they never pay you back and pretend it never happened. Your basically not receiving. It’s this feeling of too much money going out and not enough coming in. The six of pentacles can also mean that you are not taking good enough care of yourself. You are focused on everyone else’s needs to the detriment of your own. You know you need to go get a massage, or manicure, or take some time for yourself, but you do things for everyone else in your life instead.

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