Are you Living from Soul Alignment??

What are the whispers of your soul telling you?
What are the whispers of your heart telling you?
What feels good to you in the moment?
What is your soul craving?
You are here with a purpose.
You are here with a mission on the planet. 🌎
You have a deep soul why as to why you are here.
Are you living it? Do you known what it is?
Because alignment comes from soul alignment on all levels.
When your life is lined up on alllll the levels things feel joyful.
They feel easily.
They feel like soul flow.
You are here to be in soul flow.
You are here to be your best self.
You are here to show your soul to the world.
And you are here to make a difference just because your here.
Just because we have your light. Your radiance.
You are here be your best self. You soul self.
Are you living it? ☀️
Just some thoughts for today….

How to get #AllTheThings and #AllTheGuidance

Here is what I have learned… being connected to yourself solves #allthethings ! (In the words of #katrinaruth)


When your connected to your self /your guidance / your inner GPS! Then things just work.


You know what to do cause your soul told you already.


You know what to about your career cause you remember the clear impulse your inner being gave you.


You know what do with your relationship problems because you got a download on that also.


And you know what to do about your weight/health cause you got a clear download on that too!!!


#alltheguidance and #allthethings are found when you tap into you.


And your core.


And your truth.





You are a Creator Energy. Change your bullshit… like now.

Are you censoring the stuff inside of you?

Are you telling yourself it is not right?

Or it’s not good enough?

Are you telling yourself that nobody wants what you’ve got???

I did this for YEARS.

I mean YEARS.

This was like my block of blocks. I felt at my core somewhere that ‘nobody wants my stuff. It’s just not good enough’ and this fear/doubt/pattern/bullshit stopped me forever from doing what I am here for… on the planet. In my life. The stuff that now channels out of me in my business, in my journal, on my Instagram/FB/YouTube… flows easily and more fully every day.

And how freaking ridiculous that it took me so long!!!

I have since obviously called total bluff on this ‘limiting absurd belief’.

But I controlled my expression for a long while.

It stopped me from moving forward.

Because it thought it had to.

Because I thought the fear was more powerful than me and had to be ‘dealt’ with.


As soon as I saw I it…. I was ‘No, you don’t get to dictate my life anymore.’ And I changed the energy. I reversed it. I brought it back to ultimate truth.

And now my ultimate truth is…

I am loved, I am valued. I have always been of Creator and from Creator so of course people want to hear what I have to say. Of course people want to read my stuff, watch my stuff, and see my art. Why would they NOT want to?! How silly!!!

And you get to tell your limiting beliefs to hit the road. And vamooski. And go hang out somewhere else. Because you are a Creator Energy.

And you have always gotten to choose.

So choose your truth.

Choose the love inside of you.

And for goodness sake.. share it!!!



It must be a MUST in order to create it.

What are your MUSTS?

You know… those things you ache to have and if you don’t get it your super annoyed!!!!

Because what you must have is what you get to have.

What you must have… is what the universe will DELIVER.

What you must have… is what you have CHOSEN.

Because you don’t get what you want….

or what you think would be nice to have…

or what you think you should get or what you should deserve.


And if you must have something you have CLAIMED IT.

And claiming energy is POWERFUL.

Claiming energy says… that you already have it.

It’s already yours. And you won’t stop until you have it. And it’s already mostly mostly manifested because it’s NOT EVEN A QUESTION anymore.


Throwback story >>> about 2 and a half years ago, I wasn’t in command of my energy and somehow had created a miserable situation for myself. I was at a job that I knew I was going to only be at temporarily as I was in the process of getting another one… and at this said job, I was making… wait for it… about $350 a week so…. some number that is absolutely horrendous to me now. (It was then also trust me.)


But I had chosen and made it a must to put my self-care first, despite the fact that my financial situation was TERRIBLE. And I knew I needed a massage each week to even function somewhat normally. (I was having serious back pain at the time and my some of my muscles were frozen)


And you know what? I found the money for the massage twice a month. I used to put my dollars the side pocket of my car door in a ziplock bag to collect the money to go. It was $32 for half an hour. And I got said half an hour massage every other week DESPITE  that I would stand at the grocery store and be feel beyond annoyed that I couldn’t buy all the things I wanted. (I made a lot giant cheap one pot meals at that time)


But in no way was I losing the massages. That was what helped me feel good. And literally not be in pain at that time. And I wouldn’t change my decision… it was the right decision for me… and still is. I still get my massages. I just do them weekly now and for longer time. And I love it!!!


But for YEARS I said someday I was going to get weekly massages…. And that it was only something that I COULD do… after I had ‘made it’…. and I had ‘tons of money’ (which at the time meant like over a $100,000 a year or something. I hadn’t really defined tons of money, I just knew it was WAYYYY more than I was making and had ever made at that time).


Your MUSTS have NOTHING to do with >>>WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD<<< now. They have to do with what you have decided/chosen/commanded for yourself. End of story.


Your musts are ENERGETIC COMMANDS to the universe…. not “outside of you/circumstance” dependent.


So what are you not CLAIMING for yourself?

So where is the version of you where… IT’S NOT EVEN A QUESTION ANYMORE?

Of course ‘this’ is a MUST!

Because that version of you already has the things you want.

And everything is energetic first. And you can have it all.

But only if it’s a MUST.

Only if you’ve CLAIMED it on all levels.



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