Stepping into an energetic container with me is a VIBE. It is an EXPERIENCE, it is a DECLARATION. It’s a choice to UP-LEVEL. It is a vortex. It allows you to create momentum, and more momentum, and more momentum. It allows you to spiral up and up and up, FAST. When someone does it RIGHT. When someone holds a powerful SPACE. A powerful energetic container, then YES that can catapult you to new heights. It can blast out caked and impacted gunk out of your subconscious. Creating this rush of energy through your system that can help you energetically hold more. Have the bandwidth for MORE. It’s a vortex. Stepping into a powerful energetic container is POWERFUL because it creates a vortex for you to rise up (and therefore manifest quicker). A single session is great. It’s a mini-vortex. But being in a 6-week energetic container with me is like stepping into a hurricane. (But a good one) The energy is running all the time. You’re being reprogrammed in your sleep. You’re being reprogrammed as you move through your day. And you get 1:1 WhatsApp access to me. Any shifts and changes I make within myself as we are in the container together you get as well. Because we’re energetically entangled in the vortex together. We’re both steeping into a container of moving energy. A container of change and transformation. A container of miracles, where normal 3D rules don’t apply. Where stuff shifts and changes and you’re like… What? Where did that even go? And you don’t even care, because you never needed that sh** holding you down in the first place. Merge With Your Power. It will be fun. It will be intense. It will be amazing.

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