Having surplus money is a choice. Having plenty of money is a choice. Because having surplus and having more than enough is a frequency within your vibrational energy field. And when you feel that frequency/emotion inside of you… then your experiential reality reflects that.

I have been embodying the frequency of more than enough.

I have been embodying the frequencies of I have everything I need.

Everything just comes to me easily and naturally.

I am a vibrational match to ease and grace.

>>>>>>>>>>.And this is NOW WHAT I GET.<<<<<<<<<<<<

I used to be a match for net zero at the end of every month. And I used to think that I didn’t have any money left of at the end of the month because of my job. Because I didn’t make enough money. And if I just made more money then I would be able to save. THEN I would have more than enough. THEN I would have all the things that I need.

Lies. Lies. Lies.

I believed this because I believed the fallacy that money is power. And on the ‘outside’ money looks like power. But its an illusion. Money looks like power because if you want to buy something in our society, you need money, (most of the time/generally).

Oh you want rent/buy a more epic apartment/house? Well you need money. Oh you don’t want to work at a job you hate? Well you need money to leave.

Oh you want to travel the world in 5 star style? Well you need money.

And on and on this can go. And NONE OF THIS IS TRUE.

>>Money isn’t power.


>>You are powerful.

>>It is all YOU.

>>You are powerful because it is you that allows god force energy to flow thru you and manifest your desires. (you don’t actually do anything except inspired/heart action, but that is another whole blog post)

When you don’t know this… then you ‘think’ its —->“the money”. You think its the —-> thing/circumstance/issue/other person “OUTSIDE” of you that is keeping things from you. But its not that. I just LOOKS like that. But really its you. Its that your frequency isn’t a vibrational match to what you want. IT IS ALL YOU.

And you have the power to adjust your frequency/beliefs/emotions/reality set to any level of receiving and ease and grace that you want. And that is what I teach. How to be especially you. How to remember your power. How to make things easy and natural and how to have everything be an extension of your heart frequencies. Which is really really freaking easy when your YOU all the way, and your operating from your core truth… and then everything in your reality reflects back that truth to you. And then you write a blog like this to wake up other people who are actually your past self. Who are actually just like you… but they haven’t gotten all the “ah, Ha!’s” yet that you have. But YOU WILL because you are here. And YOU are amazing. And YOU are a Creator God in form. And I LOVE YOU. And YOU WILL remember your true power. Authentically. From inside of YOU.

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