When you are a match you will get the ‘thing’… even if it is 6 years later!

Omg I just got back from the rock and crystal show and the most magical thing happened!

I found all the crystals that called to me and all the stones and jewelry one could ever want!! And then as if Odin himself had shown a light down thru the convention center roof and into one of the booths ——- there was my crystal. A cathedral amethyst. The lovely gentlemen let me come back and look at it. And I was in love. And as I was standing there peering at it, I noticed that it sort of looked familiar. Well he went on to tell me that it was the door price several years ago. (Everyone buys a ticket for a dollar and they put it into a pot and then a winner is drawn) and I was like — “Yes! I remember that! I really really wanted it and I hoped and prayed I would get a phone call that I was a winner.” But alas I received no phone call.

Well I asked him how much. He said $400. I said how about $300 cash. He said $350. I said $325. And he said ok. And it was done. Granted I had to go to the ATM —- but I was soooo delighted! Whenever I see these out for sale they’re way way way more expensive than $325 and they’re not nearly as nice as this one! Usually the color is more pale or something to the nature of that. And this one was the best one in the room! I know because I scoured all of the cathedrals. (‘Cathedral’ is what this type of crystal that looks like a tower is called)

I have been sooooo excited and sooooo happy! This was the exact crystal that it really really wanted 6 years ago. I actually had to think back to which show it was that I saw it at! And I purposely remember praying that I would receive that crystal. Well I did. Yesterday. So clearly my prayer was heard. I feel so blessed that my crystal came back to me. And I got up this morning and it feels like it was always supposed to be here. Like I’ve known it 1000 years! I feel abundance. I feel gratitude. I feel like I can receive more. I feel like I can more of all the good things!

So just remember just because the thing(s) you desire have not come about yet does not mean they are not coming. Continue to affirm that they are. Continue to affirm that they are being brought to you on the wings of angels. Continue to be a vibrational match to what you would like most. Dare to dream. To ask and to claim. Because you get to have what you want. And you get to have it be a rock and crystal show apparently too!!!!



Creator Brain

The #1 thing I did this year that made the greatest difference in my life…

Was I moved into Creator Brain and got out of victim brain.

True freedom comes from knowing you are the source of all things.

You have created everything and you can create even more of whatever you want.




Laughing with friends.

Everything gets to be flowy and easy and natural when you have decided and left no openings for anything less…



Stop being a chicken s*** and get really raw with yourself.

I have to be honest here. I stilllllll get triggered by commitment stuff. (Well really…. LACK OF COMMITMENT) My lower brain was yelling to me earlier today…. you need to leave! What are you doing! You deserve more! Stop accepting so little!! And on and on and on. And I basically told it to shut up like usual. Because when you spend most of your time in Creator/Merlin brain you know your fears yelling at you doesn’t really matter and your super in charge here in your life.

So… yeah, I communicated via text message with my boyfriend this morning and got super triggered! Then I sat down on the floor and contemplated life. Then called my friend to talk me out of being upset. Then I got out my journal and started writing like no one has written before!!!  And OMG! OMG! I had such a good journaling session and wanted to share.

So with notebook in hand, and Merlin state assumed… I got curious and asked myself some serious questions here.

BECAUSE I KNOW that stuck-ness in any area of your life is because you haven’t told your fears to hit the road and make the decision to re-write how your reality works for you. OR/AND you’re super not in alignment… Don’t know what you want… Don’t know what matters… Or aren’t sure what your REAL values are. And in this case. I was focused on the wrong things.

——>My ego was focused on how things should LOOK. <——- Instead of you know, supreme vibrational alignment on all levels. Like… Hello? Earth to Arwen. NOTE: supreme vibrational alignment on all levels requires:





(Not necessary in that order lol!)

And what I realized after journaling is… NO I don’t want 2.5 children and to be social acceptable —> IF <— it means sacrificing alignment.  And NO I don’t want to live in a split-level house and be married and have every little thing look perfect on the outside with little white flowers in neatly lined rows outside the front door. And NO I don’t want to do a things a certain way because THATS THE WAY EVERYONE ELSE DOES IT. Or that is the SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE WAY TO DO THINGS.

I want and I choose to do things the heart based way. Even if that makes me look odd to others from the outside. Even if that makes some people not understand. And even if that makes some people not want to be my friend. (They were never my people anyways)

I want to do and be on allllll levelssss what is aligned for me. What is heart based for me. And what is true for me on a SOUL LEVEL. And if I do have children, it will be the aligned thing to do. With an aligned partner. In an aligned way. And if I do have a house in a subdivision it will be because it is the aligned thing to do. (I whole doubt this though… I would prefer a downtown house if I’m going to have one at all)

This s*** is important!!!! These things are so not discussed in our society. When was the last time you heard someone ask “What is your soul longing to do?” Instead of “Well are you sure you want to do that? What do you think Tom, Dick and Harry down the street will think?” This is where the not being a chicken s*** comes in. You get to choose heart no matter what.

You get to choose soul no matter what. And you get to have it ALL no matter what. But you have to be aligned to create it. And it MUST be a MUST on a core level. Because you GET what is a MUST. Not what is a have to. Not what you think you should get so you’ll make your ego/your mothers ego/ or anyone’s ego happy. Because if you do what others want you to do, then it feels like a prison. Or you don’t know what you really want and what is really true for you in your heart… because you not CLEAR within yourself… That feels like a prison to.

And you are creating your reality. You get to write the script. You get to make the choices. And you get to design everything in a way that suits you. And is heart aligned. And is perfect for you. And makes YOUR HEART sing with joy.

Because that’s why your here isn’t it?



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