Energetic Bridges

Let’s talk about energetic bridges!!!! When you want to create something you have to feel safety in your body.
You have to feel like you’re going to be better off on the other side of whatever you are trying to create or do.
You have to your automatic nervous system feel like its so much ‘better’ over there… and oh how much more fun over there.
No need to create drama.
No need to create a crisis.
No need to make things hard or difficult.
Everything starts with an energetic intention.
And it gets to be easy.
And it gets to be fun.
And it gets to be better than you thought it would be.
And everything gets to work out for you.
But to do have to get clear within yourself about what you want.
And get clear within yourself that you can have it.
And that you’re ready for it.
And that you’ll be safe in having it.
And if you want you can even create an energetic bridge which is what I talk about in the video.
When you feel like circumstances and events are working out in your favor and carrying you… then its easy to move forward.
Then you feel like it is going to be fun and easy, and joyful, its easy to move forward.
And it’s not that hard.
But you do have to get clear in your energy around the subject.
And you do have to feel good about it.
And when you do… then you will like your being energetically pulled.
And it’s easy to be / feel energetically pulled when you have set up the energy around the thing you want to manifest. Then it’s easy. Then it’s fun.
If you want to hear me riff on the Energetics of this… go to YouTube. I go into much more depth in the energy / mindset / perception of energetically shifting there. The YouTube video is called “How to Create an Energetic Bridge”. Lots of love today guys!

Up-leve & Deep level Healing

Hmmmm… I know you feel it. There is a part of you that is so tired of being stuck. Of repeating patterns in your life. Of doing allll this ‘work’ on yourself only to be in roughly the same spot you were before. Sometimes you see others who are doing great and you’re happy for them, but really, you’re just annoyed that you haven’t figured your sh** out yet so you can finally relax and enjoy the frutis of your labor. And you’re probably pretty over it.
And I sooooo get it. I was there. Then finally I had my Fu** This Sh** Moment. And I did a ceremony and energetically set circumstances and events in motion that unraveled all theses stuck pattern within me, and I was shown how to do that in the most succinct, easy, and fast way possible. All the things I had been learning and integrating just come together in a solution. And then I started practicing with a few friends, and then clients showed up who needed it and I did my processes with them. And they about fell over with how fast and comprehensive and how DIFFERENT they felt at the end of it. And now I am ready to go big. To fully step into and show you how to do that for yourself.
All the situations and patterns in your life have emotional undercurrents and when you clear and neutralize those emotions you delete the charge that they had. The charge is what is bringing you what you currently getting. When you neutralize that you get to this place of being very neutral and it’s easy to see foundational underlying patterns in your consciousness that are playing out. These underlying patterns are archetypes. As in queen, warrior, servant, rescuer, mistress, spiritual seeker, athlete, healer etc. And these are the software programs in your consciousness that are playing out in your reality, and they are effecting everything.
The way you think, the way you feel, your perception of the world, how you perceive power, how you perceive what is available to you and not available to you… can actually all be linked back to these fundamental templates in consciousness. And when you create change on this level, your whole life shifts. THIS is how you delete and end patters that have played out ad nauseam in your life.
To get there those a level of emotional clearing is required to get the body to let go of these repetitive emotional states of being. Then it’s easier to access and change the archetypes. You can uninstall archetypes and install / active / amplify ones that you do want to bring out in your life. (My main #1 archetype is Merlin that is how I know this AND that this is EVEN a choice, can you tell?) Working on this level creates profound change and transformation and can do so in a very fast manner. You can move light years in 3 weeks… and some other less effective way would have taken a year and a half. When I went back to my energy healing roots and went DEEP I started to make massive strides in moving forward. Changing things on these energetic, mental, and emotional levels areas creates deep change and transformation. Ask me how I know this.
All these things you think you need to DO to create change you don’t actually need to do. All the stuff you think you need to accomplish, you don’t. All the process and work you think needs to go into creating an outcome actually doesn’t. It’s taking forever to create the change you want to because you’re not doing the thing that creates the change. You’re doing stuff that doesn’t really matter or shift things. You’re doing non-essential sh**. You only need to do what moves the needle. Which is less than 10% of what you think it is. The fastest way I know how to do this is quantum clearing on the energetic level. And to systematically go through and clear for all the emotions, to clear yourself to money, to your relationships, to your job/biz etc. When you energetically neutralize all these charges things become really clear and its easy to see the larger pictures and see the underlying archetypes / habitual patterning / computer programs that are running and creating you realty.
The ‘thoughts create you really’ is true but it is not the whole truth, and it is very upper level. The thoughts you are thinking are the door to the energetic patterns that are playing out in your consciousness / energy field. And these lead to the emotions / association / energetic links / perceptions about realty. Which then leads down to the archetypes that are really running the show. This is my current view based on my energetic work with myself and with others. As it changes and goes deeper I will write about it. What I do know based on where I am now is that if you read and you resonate with my work I can help you move mountains. They’re really energetic quantum mountains anyways. And when you zoom out they’re really not that big either. I am going to open up my 1:1 up-leveling 3 month energetic containers shortly. It’s all coming together / downloading into my mind the structure to create to give you the massive energetic support that you need to move through to the other side of where you are. This is not for the faint of heart. It is for the brave and those who know on a soul level that it is for them. More details will come as it downloads into my head, I’m feeling after the holidays it will fully have come forth.

A long ‘to do’ list means your emotional body is clogged

If you have a ‘To do’ list with a million items on it.. then you’re emotional body is too clogged up.
Having a list of a million things you HAVE to do and NEED to get done is an effect of having too many emotions that are stuck in your energy body. Emotions are not good or bad, but they are a problem and can stop you from moving forward when they get stuck in the body. Energy is supposed to flow. Emotions are supposed to flow. And when they don’t the effect is thinking / feeling you have to do all this ‘stuff’ in order to get ‘over there’ so that you can be ‘safe’ (or have ‘enough’ or whatever).
But when you are ENERGETICALLY CLEAR… then you don’t have all these ideas/ preconceived notations / ideas / lies / stories about reality or how hard things have to be or how long they have to take. The only thing making your manifestations take so long is that you have all these ideas / associations about them that are NOT TRUE. And thus because you think they’re relevant (and they’re so not) you’re slowing your desires from appearing into your reality wayyyy donwnnnn.
The emotionally / energetically clearer you are the cleanser / clearer your physical space becomes, (Like your car or your house) and the smaller and smaller your ‘to do’ becomes. You don’t need all this excess stuff clogging up your vibration. Cut cords with that stuff, burn that ‘to do’ list, and get energetically clear. The only thing that’s important is what’s on your heart and soul. All that other stuff… irrelevant.


Remember… Your soul only gives you ONE THING TO DO AT A TIME…. and your ego give you 50 things to do at the same time.

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