I made a new category on my blog today and I called it:

“““MF Magical Business Mindset Shizzle.”””

Previously it was called Business Mindset. But really that’s freaking boring. Its so boring I can’t believe the previous version of me thought that was good idea! Business mindset!!!!!! How BORING! Really, what was I thinking??

>I created this business to be fun and I created it to be effective.

>EFFECTIVE in showing you how to be yourself in FULL FORM and allow your passion to flow out and to allow money to flow in.

(notice I didn’t say earn money – you don’t need to earn anything, you’ve always been valuable and money has nothing to do with work and ego action anyways it always always has to do with vibration.)

>EFFECTIVE in showing you that its not that hard —- in fact its 5,000 times easier when you get your vibration right — than it ever was in following ‘how to’ solutions where you ‘do stuff’ in order to ‘get stuff’.

Because vibration is always how the universe has worked! Doing things to get things has nothing to do with the physics of creation. Because the physics of creation has to do with vibration and resonance.

> EFFECTIVE in showing you that are the magical mystical ingredient in whatever it is you desire to create including a business.

Which means you can do this however you want.

And it is safe for you to be yourself. Like majorly epic-ly fully yourself. And in fact you can make up words like “epic-ly” and people are going to get YOU.

Because business isn’t about targets and numbers, and having certain ‘things’ in place and if you don’t have those things in place then your not good enough.

So ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!! If someone tells you that, then RUN AWAY!

Because if your a Merlin archetype you know in your heart that ‘the do stuff to get stuff’ isn’t true.

And if your a Merlin archetype you know that you can create your life as if it is a canvas for all the love in your heart and you can manifest all the things you want easy and naturally. (when your a vibrational match to that thing)

And if your a Merlin archetypes then you know that you don’t need to follow the rules of your industry OVER your heart. Because the rules of your industry are from people who aren’t Merlins at their core and don’t understand the physics of creation. Period.

You have to be true to yourself. And work, and create, and do things and express things the way YOU NATURALLY DO IT. Not the way someone else tell you to . Or society tell you to. Or your family members tell you to. But the way that YOU WANT TO.

Because you are the door for all of creation to flow thru.



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