High Level 1:1 intense quantum energy work in a 3 month container designed to unravel long-standing patters and uplevle the sh** out of your life.


If you have wanted to do deep level work. And really really shift completely and utterly. Into a new state of being. And drop into a completely new resonance. Then this is for you. I have created a 3-month energetic container for those who are called to uplevel. This is an energetic container. With it own resonance and morphic field. Which is going to be calibrated to you. I set up energetic containers to do energy work in, and this entire experience that you are going to step into with me is going to be an energetic container. That is how I know you are going to get the results that you want. [You will get all your heart level desires not your ego desires just so you know 😉 ]


Because this is an energetic thing it is going to be fun and flowy and just a natural extension of shifting and changing. That means it’s not ‘X number’ of calls each week and ‘X number’ of content or lessons or whatever. Because it’s not about that. It is NOT ABOUT OUTSIDE STUFF. IT IS ABOUT INSIDE STUFF. And because it is about inside stuff, we’re going to do everything that you need. You’re going to receive all the things that need to be cleared, upgrade, changed, transmuted, rearranged etc in your energy field / consciousness. And however that looks is how that looks! If you want to talk for 3 days in a row, then WhatsApp me for the next week… then that’s what well do. If you want to talk once a week and WhatsApp me in-between… then we can talk once a week and WhatsApp all day long. (We can do energy work over WhatsApp – there is no time or space its all just consciousness) It’s about what is ENERGETICALLY NEEDED not about doing something (a call X number of times a week – or this or that) just to tick off a box.

So how this program works is how everything works. You decide you’re having something. You energetically lock it in. To choose. You claim it. And then in the commitment… energy, circumstances, and events start to rearrange themselves and calibrate themselves to you and your new decision. So when you sign up, you are declaring and claiming and choosing a new reality set. And I will energetically support you in shifting to be a complete and 100% match to that. Period the end.

We’ll have our first call after you sign up. And well dig into all the energy things. Well clear the things that come up. I’ll help you let go long-standing patterns and issues. You’ll feel 1000 times better cause everything I do is energetic. And then you’ll shift. In a few days well shift again and I help you calibrate and shift again into a new vibrational set point. And it will be a fun flowy natural expression and dynamic. If you need something, you call me. If you feel the desire to WhatsApp me, you’ll do it! And I will always respond. I am doing whatever is natural and flowy on my end as well. So you’ll always hear from me with in 24 hours of course because I value and love my clients. How it usually looks is well talk every 3 or 4 days and WhatsApp in-between-ish.


I am not going to tell you what to do. I am not going to ignore your emotions and tell you to do something you don’t want to do, and are against. I am not going to talk just to your ego. And I’m not going to talk about things that you don’t get and don’t go thru the body. I personally will not hire anyone who is not psychic/empathic/intuitive to help me with anything. Because I don’t even understand what people who aren’t psychic even do. Like how do you help someone if you can’t read their emotional body? Very little change happens on the egoic upper level. All the changes happen on these other levels & layers of consciousness. Which is what we’ll be exploring, changing, and shifting.

This is not me holding your hand. Or taking care of you or rescuing you and I will not create any cords with you as such. I will however stand strong and witness you. Will help you see what you haven’t seen before. I will help you change and shift things you never thought you could change and shift. I will help you dismantle and transmute long-standing patterns that have been driving you nuts for years. I will be super honest with you. I will call you out on things if it is not in your best interest. And I will be super real with you and make sure you’re in your body and are actually feeling you emotions cause that is the only way to navigate forward.

This is not a program. And this is (most likely) not like whatever program / package you’ve done with anyone else. It is an energetic container. Meaning I’m going to set the energetics up for each of you that join. So you’ll each have your own separate energetic container. The container is calibrated to your energy and choices and the change that you want. Energetic containers are just a confine of time where energetic change and transformation can happen to bring you to a result. They are self intelligent containers (because source energy is self intelligent) and all that needs to happen will do so. So any patterns that need to unravel, or uninstall will occur. Any embodiment that needs to happen will download and activate! And if you’re having all the fun with me you can of course stay and continue to stay in the container with me, and we’ll calibrate you to your next goal / hearts desire!


You believe in energy stuff 100%. You know that the basis of everything is energy and this is the key to change everything. You know on some level that all programs / issues / circumstances are changeable and that you just have to be on the right level / layer of conciseness to change it. You know deep in your soul that this is actually really easy and you’ve been making it way harder than it has to be, but you can handle it, and you can handle anything. And with the right vantage point it actually is very easy. In fact, you don’t even understand what those other 3D people are even doing. Because what they’re doing doesn’t work, and you don’t know why they can’t see that, but also really don’t care.

You are ready for change and transformation now. You don’t care what your issues and stories are anymore. You are willing to drop them and move the f*** on. You basically have NO TIME for that anymore. You just want the change. You just want the transformation. You’ve had your F*** This S*** moment and your way more interested in being successful now than you are in struggle and having issues. Your soooo done….

You are willing to take radical responsibility for your life / reality / circumstances. You are 100% committed to receiving the change in your life that you desire and you are willing and able to show up 100% for yourself.

You’re ok with having massive change and making dramatic progress. You cannot stay the same with working with me, it’s like, not possible. My energy moves very fast and I can change a lot of energy very quickly, so if you work with me we are going to up-level the sh** out of your life and calibrate and literally delete patterns in the blink of an eye. It’s massive shifting every few days. That is how I work. We’re going to be in a constant flowing dance of shifting and up-leveling and dropping the struggle and rising up. To move in you’re body and more into your heart. More into your purpose. And just more YOU period. Transfiguring dense level sh** and embodying higher frequencies is so wonderful. Life just becomes this joyful and playful thing that elevates and elevates! And the thought of moving forward and making massive shifts and changes feels super fun and sexy and you can’t wait to start!


We are going to be shifting and changing energy. And 95% of it is going to be quantum. If we spend time talking about something it is so your ego can process and get on board and understand the choice… and then well quickly shift the thing. So were going to energetically shift. Energetically shift. Energetically shift. And everything in your reality is going to pivot and reorient around your new resonance. Deep level changes happen on these deep energetic levels. For example things that we will shift / clear / energetically rearrange for you are:

⫸Any Oaths/ Vows / Contracts Ancestral or Generations patterns passed down.

⫸DNA imprints or miasams going on in your field.

⫸We will get to the bottom and unwind any core root fractal patterns going on. We will energetically power down and remove / eject any models & reality programs going on in your subconscious that are not serving you.

⫸This includes moronic fields in consciousness.

⫸We will clean / clear / any foreign energy in your field. Move and slide thru parallel universes & dimensions.

⫸Clear and integrate any aspects of self fragmented out. (Called soul retrieval in shamanism)

⫸Time travel and clear / de-tangle stuck energy in your field. Activate / bring forth / amplify divine template.

⫸Emotional clearing. Lots of that. You need to be 100% clear of emotional debris. If you have read Dan Tomas’s Clear Your Sh** book you will know what I’m talking about. So for those of you who have read his work / taken The Spiral… we will being root clearing the emotions, other people etc. as it intuitively comes up in session with you.

⫸Also, any Archetypes that you are playing out in your life like… ‘the people pleaser’, ‘the warrior’, the servant’, ‘the failed initiate’, ‘the knight’, (I could go on… but you get it) may be powered down & ejected from your subconscious if you so choose when we are working together. Archetypes have clusters of emotional patterns / ideas about reality / perceived inadequacies etc and I view them as computer programs in consciousness, and they can just be uninstalled. This is EXTREMELY helpful in shifting your really and very dramatic, and can save you yearssss in therapy! You’re welcome. 😂 🤣

So anyways, these are just some of the things that we may do / happen in our time / energetic container together. But really what is going to happen is whatever you need. Energetically. On all levels. (The clock says 2:34.) We are going to literally change / rearrange / amplify the ‘codes’ in your body so you can be free of all the bullshit that has been holding you back. And step into a new resonance of what you want. Of what your soul is vibrating at so you can have the money and the freedom, and the love, and the house / car / man etc whatever it is that you want. But it will come from a place of I already have it and I’m whole, and I feel so good and I’m excited, and…. ‘BOOM’ here it is.


So this is a soul thing. 😇 And you’ll just know if this energetic container is for you. And I am the mentor / merlin for you! The minimum commitment for this container is 3 months… and after… because you are having that much fun with me, you can of course stay on month to month if you like.

You can email me at support{{{AT}}}, and we can make sure were a fit to working together and I can send you the payment link. 💜

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