Your soul ALREADY has the treasure map.

Why are you trying to be normal? You never were normal!


What if you just stopped trying to be something that you’re not.

Stopped trying to fit into this box that society says that you need to be in.

As if!!! You freaking need SOCIETY to tell you what to do.

I mean REALLY????


No… You have never needed that.

You have never needed a neat little plan tied up in a bow with assurances and fluffy promises attached to it. 🎀

You have never needed to do what the standard quote un quote >>PLAN<< was, because you know that you are CREATING THE WAY FORWARD.


With every breath and decision.


Your soul ALREADY has the treasure map.


Your soul ALREADY knows what is soul aligned for you.


What is soul aligned for you to BE and VIBRATE at on a daily basis.

And how long are you going to run from your SOUL???


How long are you going to push down what is inside of you that is screaming to come out…. and so instead you manifest depression… or instead you manifest or being sick… or just tired… or just tired of your life.


Because the movements are stagnant, the movements are robotic… and those choppy lifeless movements? Those movements are for OTHER PEOPLE.


The sometimes shitty, sometimes epic, sometimes just ‘OK’ life that your living…. where you move in and out of alignment, where you sway back and forth from being in in your dreams whole heartedly, then swaying back into doubt… that is for OTHER PEOPLE. That is NOT for you!!!!!


Repeat after me, that shittyness that I am infesting in my reality… that is NOT for me… that is for other people if they choose it, but I AM NOT CHOOSING THAT!!!


I’m choosing life.

I’m choosing what I know is real inside of me.

I’m choosing to follow my passion.

I’m choosing that my whole life is aligned and everything in it is aligned as well.

Like right now.


Because epic alignment is a choice.

Having everything you want right now is also a choice.

Remember… there is no space and time.

There is no separation… energetically you can alignment with all you desires right now.

You just have to stand up and claim it.

And claiming something is an energy.


It is a vibrational stance.

It is a MUST.

And you ONLY get what you MUST have.

That is the way of the universe.


Because when your dreams are a must, and alignment is a must, you stand self-assured. You stand in the light of your soul. You stand for your TRUTH. And that is one of the most powerful things you can do.





Do you remember that your reality is malleable?

Do you remember you can rearrange your really?

Do you remember that you get to have things be the way that you want them to be?

And that all these thing that OTHERS see as blocks and ‘just how it is’ is ACTUALLY “””NOT””” HOW IT IS???  Have you ever been talking to someone and they have all these preconceived notions and ideas about something… And you’re just sitting there listening to them and you’re like what??? You’re allowing these thoughts to hold you back? You’re allowing these ideas about a thing to hold you back?



I mean hello?? What is this ridiculousness that you’re going on and on about how you can’t do ‘this’ and you can’t do ‘that’. The absurdness of telling me about how this other person that you know…. created these ‘bad’ results, and so because THEY created those ‘bad’ results… your now afraid that is going to happen to you to?

I mean really??? What planet are you on?!

What other people are creating has NOTHING to do with you. What other people are deciding and affirming as true for THEM has nothing to do with YOU and what YOU choose to create.

>>>YOU are here to create the extraordinary.

>>>You are here to create epic stuff.

>>>You are here to defy the ODDS.

>>>You are here to create and manifest and BRING FORTH like a rainbow being WHAT IS IN YOUR HEART.

And sitting around and stewing in what other people are doing and what other people are sayings is NOT GOING TO GET YOU THERE.

End of story.

I have a friend, he is getting older and he is obsessed with death. He is quite sure that he has only 10 ‘good’ years left. Says he can’t do certain things because he is ‘getting older’. Because he is in pain all the time.

And I’m like…. “Yeah, and all these things you are actually choosing… by continuing to believe in them. By continuing to speak them into you’re reality, by choosing to keep these beliefs in your reality set”.

But he doesn’t see it that way. He sees it as JUST HOW IT IS. And that is the MOST DANGEROUS THING YOU CAN DO from a consciousness standpoint.

Because when you see something as JUST HOW IT IS. What that says is that ‘reality’ is fixed.

You don’t have power over this fixed thing.

This ‘thing’ is OUTSIDE of you.

And this is where the men from the boys are separated so to speak.

Because NOTHING is outside of you.

It is all an extension of you.



Everything is changeable. Or rearrange able.

Did you know a few years ago my whole body was in so much pain I would just sit and cry? I just had muscle pain all over my whole body. On top of that my back was frozen and I was having trouble carrying groceries into my house. And on top of all that I has such chronic exhaustion that it was only awake about 4 hours a day… maybe….. I was having classic symptoms of Epstein-barr. And I WAS 29 YEARS OLD. I mean, what 29 / 30 year old feels like that? It got so bad that I finally let go and went to live with my relatives because I couldn’t work to support myself anymore.

And I chose that. UNCONSCIOUSLY. And I created that…. UNCONSCIOUSLY. Because I kept focusing on it and SEEING IT AS REAL. And SEEING as ‘JUST HOW IT IS’. And seeing it as a ‘THING’ that I have to OVERCOME.

>>I hadn’t made the switch into my power.

>>I hadn’t made the switch yet into à my reality is malleable and it is how I say it is… and I if I don’t like something, I can just decide to flip the energy around, and then I can energize THAT truth, and then THAT IS WHAT WILL MANIFEST.

Because the reality I was living back then (I’m 34 as I write this) was true… at that time. The symptoms were very real and debilitating. I was seriously in pain all the time and my body was NOT functioning properly. I was having trouble doing just normal freaking things on a daily basis. And ALL THAT WAS TRUE. AND it was change able. AND it was malleable. AND it was “turn-around-able”. AND it is NOT true for me anymore. And it is not something I would choose to activate and focus on and breathe life into so that it manifests into my reality ever again.

And it really can be as simple as that.

Stop seeing your problems as so real… and ask, what would I bet thinking if I remembered and knew that my probably really aren’t that solid. And that they really ARE in fact malleable.

How would you feel then?

What would you choose then?

How would you change your focus?

Because all the power lies within you and always has.



Have you fallen into your essence today?

I tuned into my essence today and I realized that it really really want is to feel held.


Really really unconditionally held.


And that can only come from begin one with the creative forces in the universe.


It’s a god sort of feeling. That is the feeling that I choose to cultivate all the time.


>>I am the essence of the divine.

>>God Creator Source Energy is flowing thru me.

>>And I am held and I am nurtured. And I am unconditionally held.

>>I have everything I need. I am grounded. I am in Creators hands.


It feels like that connection to Odin, that connection to alllllll the magic. That connection to all the source of creation. To the source of all that is. That being of oneness with all the magic, all the love, all the quantum particles swimming in the universe that are making up of reality… of magic… and potential…


And when I sink into myself its all there… all the feelings… all the sparkles… all the energy of creation.
I am held by Creator.
I am held by my creativity.
I am held by my passion and my desires.
I am held by my life.
My passion carries me.
My passion nourishes me.
My creativity nourishes me.
My creativity provides for me more and more and more.
My message for you toady is to sink into your magic.



I allow my joy to support me.

I allow what I love to support me.

I allow what I enjoy to support me.

My spiritual work supports me.

And I allow more and  more abundance to flow my way.

I allow more and more joy to flow my way.

All things are lining up.

All things are working out in perfect and divine order.

And all things are supporting me and lifting me higher.

This is what I choose.

This is how things get to be.

This is my normal.

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