Fu** This Sh** Ceremony 🔥

aka Mini Shamanic Fire Ceremony to energetically 'release' patterns in your life. 🔥🔥🔥

You can use this ceremony to energetically ‘release’ patterns in your life… ESPECIALLY when… You don’t know what to DO. You don’t know how to unravel it, but you do know that you’re 100% DONE and you don’t even care how things sort themselves out. YOU have just DECIDED that you’re going to get your outcome no matter what. And that is that! Then this ceremony is for you.

NOTE: Please don’t light your paper on fire unless you have a full pitcher of water for safety reasons and to also douse out the flames. Please make sure you’re burning the paper on a safe surface like a:

⫸fire pit

⫸an outside grill

⫸bathtub (remove the shower curtain)

⫸a metal or ceramic sink

⫸concrete sidewalk or patio outside etc.

Do not set fire over carpet / hardwood floors or in a metal trashcan over carpet or anything flammable. You do not need to use fire if you’re not comfortable. It’s JUST AS EFFECTIVE to use scissors to cut the paper up in little pieces. Because the fire and the scissors are not magical. It’s YOU and your INTENT that is magical. Although you can use any sort of string / yarn / twine / thread /dental floss etc, You don’t need to burn it. I have only ever burnt sewing thread. I would choose not to burn yarn do to the chemicals / dye in it. But that’s me. If you only have yarn, use scissors to cut it up. That is the same as burning it. Also, dental floss has wax on it, I would not burn that. I would cut it up over the trash can. If in doubt choose the safer thing.

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