What it LOOKS Like…

If you don’t have what you ‘want’ – your subconscious thinks that by getting that ‘thing’ you’ll be losing something else that it ranks as a value or survival need – and you’ll self sabotage/ magically push away that ‘thing’. And it will LOOK like it’s happening to you. It will LOOK like ‘other people’ are doing it TO you. It will look like all sorts of things…. But really, your subconscious isn’t lined up with the ‘thing’. And doesn’t feel SAFE. And it’s your job to calibrate yourself to safety no matter what is going on in your life. Cause safety isn’t found outside of you no matter what your subconscious says. It’s always found inside.

Energetic Shields & Mirrors

So… A few weeks ago I had changed my energy and suddenly got 3 dates in 1 week. I was super open and super magnetic to a new boyfriend coming into my life. And I was basking in how wonderful it was to get more dates and how much fun I was having and so forth. And then I told all my friends about it, and we were laughing and the vibe was high. Then I noticed how one of the men I had a date with wasn’t really what I wanted. And then I focused on that and then I focused on being sad cause what I really wanted was more emotional intimacy. (he was available for more sexual intimacy than emotional intimacy – and I choose to have both not just one.)
And, I shut down my energy a little bit. I got out of being excited at the new men who were coming into my life. And then I put more focus on my biz because that is what is fun for me and what I just love doing endlessly. And though I do love that… it is ALSO an excuse to avoid intimacy. Now I want to be clear here. I am getting what I am getting because of my energy. I am not super open to emotional intimacy. If I muscle test for how open I am… I’m about 30% open. I am not open enough to be MAGNETIC enough to my desire for a relationship and intimacy coming into my reality easily and effortless. {which is WHY I got the man who was more open to sex than emotional intimacy}
I have energetic shields up! Which is why the 3 men I attracted ALSO had energetic shields up. Because I am avoiding intimacy… I am attracting ‘no men’, or ‘men who are avoiding intimacy’. That’s it. When I shift and I decide to be 100% energetically available for deep intimacy with a man and I will ONLY accept that… and I choose / decide and affirm to put that 100% first in my life… then I will be a match. And then the man will come. And I know this. But I’m not really there yet. I’m still choosing to be avoidant and pretend that this isn’t a problem in my life etc. by writing this I’m saying… Hey I am choosing to not be open. I am still choosing to be annoyed. And hurt ect. And I’m not ready to change yet. Because we are always getting what we want. And at some point (probably in the next few weeks) I will make a new choice. I will choose intimacy. I will choose to calibrate that I can have the intimacy I want AND all the other things I want at the same time. And nothing needs to take away for anything else. Because I do know that. And it will happen when I decide / choose / claim and put it energetically first. So remember that. You are getting exactly what you want. Because the universe is just big giant mirror. Then end.

Working doesn’t = money 💰

Working doesn’t = money 💰
Working hard definitely doesn’t = money 💰
Doing ‘stuff’ doesn’t = money 💰
Time doesn’t = money 💰
‘Things’ need to take more ‘time’ to get ‘money’ definitely doesn’t = $ 💰
If you want to get unstuck with money then you definitely need check out Genevieve Rackham!!!!
There are very few people whom I recommend you follow and Genevieve is one of them.
Most people are talking about / focused on ‘outside stuff’. Genevieve is one of the few people I know who is talking about ‘inside stuff’.
Get in her FB group The Rich Bitch Spiritual Bitches if you want to raise your vibe all around $$$!!! She’s doing 3 livestreams on it over the next 3 days. 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩


Survival fears are JUST A PATTERN IN THE BODY.
When people feel them they freak out!!
Ahhhhh!!!!! Let’s run for the hills!
But put your Merlin Hat on.
And just calmly DELETE them.
This is why I like energy work so much.
Things that take other people ages… can be done 10 min with quantum energy work.
(I am NOT saying every pattern is 10 min) Some patterns are easy. Some are multi-layerd. But what I do know is that all patterns can be easily read, transmuted, deleted, uninstalled, & ejected from the subconscious. And it doesn’t need to take a long time. And it isn’t hard. But you do need someone who knows what they’re doing. Then things are fast. Then they’re easy.

Copy Machine

The universe is like a copy machine. Whatever you put on the glass is just going to be returned to you. Over and over and over until you put something new on the glass.

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