Review of Kuan Yin Oracle By Alana Fairchild and Zeng Hao

Kuan Yin Oracle By Alana Fairchild

The Energy of these cards:

The energy of these cards is soft like silk. They feel like limitless unconditional love and bountiful compassion. They give me that warm fuzzy feeling that a nice warm glass of mild before bed does!

What I love about these cards:

They have such a Mother Goddess Energy that it feels impossible to be scared in the mist of this energy, so they’re great if you’re worried and want some reassurance and good old fashioned mother energy. They’re very calming. I also like the amount of depth that I can read in the energy of the cards; they have many gentle layers, like petals on a flower.

What kind of Readings these cards show up for:

They love showing up for daily readings lately I’ve noticed. The energy is so simple and to the point, it’s not convoluted in any way… it’s just direct. But soft at the same time! They also show up when people seem to have fear around something regarding the heart level, I think this is because the energy is just so gentle that it sooths even the most sad heart. They are very nurturing and genuine in their approach to things.

How do you connect the Kuan Yin? What first drew you to her energy? What kind of questions do you guys ask when you use these cards? Let me know in the comments! 🌹🌹🌹
Have a wonderful week you all!
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