Self-Care is a Mindset.  A Decision. And an Energy.

Self-Care is a Mindset. A Decision. And an Energy.

When you take divine care of yourself and listen to your needs… then you’re broadcast out to the universe, “I love myself.” And “I deserve love and nourishment.”

And that is also the SAME frequency as, “I deserve a wonderful loving romantic partner.”
“I deserve a wonderful business that supports me and nourishes me. And it allows me to channel my gifts out in just the prefect way that allows me to make this huge impact in other people’s lives!”
Self-care is on the frequency of LOVE.

So, if your struggling and you keep telling yourself, “I don’t have the money for it” or “I’ll do it later” or “I don’t have enough time….” Your going to continue to struggle. Because you’re in the vibration of ‘not enough’. I don’t have enough money. I don’t have enough time. And I don’t have enough resources to take care of myself, and on and on.

Whatever your emanating out is what the universe is going to bring back to you.
This is why people make a whole lot more money when they work a whole lot less than when they were constantly trying, and pushing, striving, and working constantly. Because having enough of everything that you desire has to do with your vibration. When you learn to change your vibration, then you can attract MORE money, and work LESS. And everything is easier, you have more time, resources, etc. (ask me how I know this!)
Self-care is part of that, “I have plenty vibration”.

Self-care is a mindset. A decision. And self-care is also an energy.

When you are taking care of yourself you are bringing in more ease and grace and success to you… because you are radiating out, “I am nourished”.

If you’re are radiating out I am nourished, then you’re attracting more nourishment to you.

If you’re are radiating out I am successful, then you’re attracting more success to you.

If you are going to build an amazing business that you love and adore, and you can do thru the internet, and you can have all of your needs met…. You have to be sending out the frequency of, “I deserve love. I deserve nourishment. I am worthy.” Or you’re not going to manifest that business.

The frequency of “I am worthy”, “I am loved”, is the same frequency as, “my gifts are important”, “my gifts help other people”. Same frequency set. This is why self-care is so critical… it’s on that same frequency too.
What it comes down to is you have to decide that you deserve to be nourished. You deserve to receive. And you deserve to have what you need and want.

Understanding this has changed my life. And has allowed me to shift things in my life really fast. Which is why I’m passionate about teaching and showing other how to do the same.

XOXO Arwen

When you create a business aligned with you… your fears don’t come to pass

When you create a business aligned with you… your fears don’t come to pass

Having created several businesses over the years, I must say that this one that I am doing right now is by for the easiest. And it’s the easiest, because it is aligned with me on a soul level. When you can get to that place within you where you are doing what you know you came here to do on the planet… then worlds start to open up.

Chances are you probably know somewhat what you’re are supposed to be doing. But you’re not doing it. Or you’re doing something close to it, but not IT. Because you’re afraid to be your BEST self. You’re afraid to take your super-duper amazing self out of the closet and actually step into who you came here to be and do what you came here to do.

And I’m here to tell you (as someone who spent years in the energy closet!) that being out side of the closet and living your joy is by far one of the best choices you can make in your life. Things DON’T go hay-wire, and all your fears DON’T come to pass.

In fact, the OPPOSITE happens. Everything starts flow and work out perfectly. Things just magically start to get into alignment. Suddenly your whole life… and all your good and bad experiences start to make sense… and you realize you were going towards THIS MOMENT… your whole life.

And that is what I want for you. To have that experience and that moment of, “Oh…. This is what I’m here for.”

Much Love,

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