Hi, I’m Arwen McLaughlin,

I’m an Energy Healer and Spiritual Counselor for those that are spiritual, creative, and intuitive and who are ready to align completely with their souls path.


Your life is yours alone and is meant to be lived in joy and happiness. You are meant to express your gifts and talents out into the world and attract the RIGHT partner for you as well as the RIGHT soul career.

My goal is to show you how to have your love reflected back to you in all it’s forms, so each day is a wonderful and magical extension of the frequencies within your own heart.

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Here is some of my story…

I am an Energy Healer and Spiritual Counselor. And it is my business to help you connect with and and fully step into your own power as a Divine Creator. Where you know that everything in your life is your creation and is an extension of your consciousness. Where you feel your own inner alignment with the power that creates worlds inside of you, and you feel free and joyful to create those desires of yours that make your heart sing.

My life is fun and joyful now and I get to create with joy ease. But my life was not always like this. For the longest time I struggled. I mean S. T. R. U. G. G. L. E. D. I had a job that I hated and it wasn’t even a well-paying job at that! So there were constant money shortages as you can imagine. I couldn’t figure out how to get out of my predicament, and I couldn’t figure out how to change my life and do something that felt RIGHT and MEANINGFUL to me. I felt like every day when I got up I was stuck in the mud and I would never get out.

Now although it didn’t feel like it back then, the Universe had my back the whole entire time because it was teaching me and helping me learn things that are invaluable to me today. Thru my struggle of trying to figure out…

↠What I was here for

↠What my business was actually going to be (seriously I had no clue I just knew I wanted one)

↠How I was going to help people

↠Then of course, how was I going to make money at it

↠AND how I was going to get there with no extra money to speak of was beyond me… (this last one was quite frankly beyond annoying to me at the time)

But in having that struggle and strife, I ended up being forced to tap into what I do best (my ‘inner superpowers’ as I like to call them…) in order to figure out my problems. And THIS became the basis of my business. Lo and behold the Universe was leading me to see, know, and understand my Life Purpose and what my Divine Business was going to be about by… drumroll please… having me figure out how to dismantle all my problems myself. (I’m still kind of annoyed about this, but I’m getting over it.) So long story short, if this resonates with you and you become a client, I will help you create change and transformation by helping you….

↠Access on the inner screen of your mind the different possibilities you have available to you from where you are now. And allow your higher-self to show you the one that is your Best Future Probability. (although knowing your best future probability is crucial, it’s also invaluable to see the other not so great probabilities so that you can consciously be empowered and choose the one that you REALLY REALLY want.

↠Move forward on your timeline and meet your ‘Future-Self’ so you can see what the ‘future you’ created as well as the steps this ‘future you’ took to achieve it. (This is in the Best Future Probability for your business.)

↠Tap into another lifetime you have had in the past or future where you were using your superpowers successfully. I find it’s the easiest and best way to bypass the ego and (maybe even for the first time) consciously know and understand what you do that is special about you so you can use it to help people in your Divine Business now, as well as create your Divine Message around that. (People should know who you are, what your superpower is, and how you can help them in under 5 seconds)

↠Understand and embrace your creativity and intuitive abilities and how to use them to your advantage and how it actually MAKES you successful. Unlike what we have all been taught by society… which says everything should be logical.  

↠Tap into the Quantum Field of Universal Energy and help you free yourself from unconscious programming that may include: patterns from other lifetimes, ancestral patterns, morphic fields of information, archetype patterns, etc. These energy sessions allow you to release blocks and realign more with your divine template and bring more of the Divine YOU here, so that you can have a more happy and joyful experience in your life and business.

Leading up to the work I do now…. (which by the way I was doing the whole time I just wasn’t working with other people with it and/or charging for it) but anyways, leading up to the work I do now, I had a couple of failed business. It caused me a lot of grief and anguish because IT WASN’T THE RIGHT THING FOR ME TO BE DOING. The business was based on my ego thoughts about what I should be doing. And I thought that if I just followed XYZ and what OTHER PEOPLE thought and said I should do… then I would be successful. My ego thought it was a paint-by-numbers kind of thing… If I do this, this, and this, I will be successful. I will have tons of money and won’t have to work. Well it never worked, and all I did was fail. It was immensely frustrating at the time.

Somewhere along the way I started to notice that I was solving my own problems with my abilities. And I mean difficult problems, the kind that could take someone a long time to get to the root of and figure out the solution. And it was working in these intuitive ways from my heart that not only cleared all the energetic blocks I had that were stopping me from creating, bringing forth, and living my destiny. But it was by using these techniques that allowed me to actualize and bring forth new ways of doing things. Stepping into my superpowers enabled me to birth a business from my heart, with services from the heart, that solved problems for my clients in a natural intuitive way that was effortless for me, as well as amazingly effective for them. All my seemingly difficult circumstances melted away as I embraced FULLY this heart centered way of living.

If this sounds like the way you’ve always wanted to live – fully from your heart, easily dissolving your blocks, and creating wonderful things that make your life easier, smoother, happier, and more prosperous… then you’re in the right place and I’m so happy you’re here. Nothing makes me more joyful than helping heart centered peeps create lasting and deep profound change in their life on a soul level. I do have 3 planets in Scorpio after all. 😊

Much love,
Arwen McLaughlin

Slightly More Formal Bio and Embodiment of Gifts…

I have been practicing Matrix Energetics since 2008, in person as well as from a distance. (If you’re not familiar with Matrix Energetics it is basically ‘quantum energy healing’, and can be facilitated in person or at a distance. In the realm of quantum physics distance is irrelevant.) I have taken most all the energy classes presented by Jaden Phoenix (a previous Matrix Seminar Instructor back in the early days) as well as some classes no longer offered on her website. (she is no longer affiliated with Matrix Energetics) Additionally, I have mentored under Justice Bartlett (Dr. Richard Bartlett’s daughter) and worked with her since 2008 at different times. I am not an Officially Certified by Matrix Energetics at this time, although I know have fully embodied it in my subconscious and also have been using it daily in my reality for myself as well as when it shows up for clients.

Accessing the Akashic Records. This is probably my best superpower. (I call it a superpower because I want everyone to start to think of their gifts as superpowers!) It is just something I have always innately done. When someone brings up a situation that they want clarity about it is just a karmic pattern and therefore energy. And energy can easily be read, understood, transmuted, and reconfigured back to the pattern of source. As someone talks about their particular situation, the lifetime that contains the root block for that person just comes into my mind and I can describe the emotional pattern in detail, what happened to them, what caused the block, any other people involved – if they know them today, what they needed to learn, etc. Every block at its most base level is that the person either had erroneous information, was missing information in that lifetime. And the knowing of the missing or wrong information always without fail gives that person’s soul fragment the information that they need to overcome the obstacle, or release their grief/anger etc. and reach forgiveness and therefore reintegrate back into the over soul of that person. This type of therapy can clear out longstanding patterns that are invisibly running in someone’s life that are causing difficulty. The block in the energy body transfers it to the person’s physical cells with in the body and then some pains/patterns will be played… out until cleared of course.    

I have mentored under Angela Nicastro since 2007 and integrated her Starborn Frequencies. This is healing on the highest level and don’t really have words to describe it.

Solving of problems using archetypes. I sometimes call this a Realm Reading, because you allow your feelings about a situation to be turned into a ‘realm’ or ‘landscape’ with in your mind to navigate so you can solve your problem. This is just an extension of Tarot really. You use the Tarot cards to give you archetypes for your right brain to interpret so you can receive information about a situation and know what decision is best. Your subconscious can give you all your answers, you don’t need cards. (Cards are fun though!) I really like this method of solving problems and changing patterns of light and information. This is what Colette-Baron-Reid talks about in her book The Map. You have access to all the information about anything that you need inside of your right now! You just need to ask good questions, close your eyes… and look!   

Future life Progression. This is the art of moving into the future and viewing your dominate probabilities in this lifetime based on your current vibration. Moving into a future lifetime is also sometimes advantages to clear patterns in the future. Working with energy in this way recently has made me so excited! I love embodying my future successful self and helping others do the same.  

Ascension. I have spent over the last 10+ years going thru ascension. Every single aspect of self that was fragmented out was integrated. I have integrated more energies and universal understanding than I could possibly explain and I feel like I have lived 4 lifetimes and I’m only 33 as of this writing. (2017) As some point I noticed that the clearing started at my top chakra and went down. All the issues of each chakra would come up until cleared, and each chakra overlapped with the one next to it, and each chakra took approximately 2 years or more. I have noticed that my root chakra issues of the past few years have wrapped up and the clearing of my physical body template that has been taking place at rapid speed since 2015 is finally almost over. What happens after that I don’t know! I also don’t know if others going thru ascension had the awareness of the clearing starting from the top chakas and going down. I just know it has happened to be my experience. Additionally, since going thru all of this for so long I am now extremely right brained and all my abilities are extremely heightened, which is great! Because it is so much easier to navigate reality that way. It is also easier than ever before for me to be in balance mentally, emotionally and now (finally!) physically.

In writing this I realized that I have no “certifications”! Although I know that I embodies the formerly mentioned modalities and can navigate consciousness awareness with my eyes closed and one arm tied behind my back. And am confident in my ability to lead you to greater awareness within yourself and a merging of the different aspects of yourself so you can be happier and lead a life more in alignment with your soul path. I know because I am a living embodiment of that!  

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