Use your power wisely, it’s always on.

Use your power wisely, it’s always on.

Your day is made up of moments…

Moments to choose to be in flow….

Or not be in flow.

Moments to choose your truth.

Or give space in your head to your fears.

Moments to choose more love, more grace… and more freedom.

So what are you creating girlfriend!?

What are you thinking about daily???

Because if you’re thinking about why you’d can’t have what you want. Or you are mired in your own dramas… about how ‘this thing’ and ‘that thing’ is stopping you….

Then you are not tapped into YOUR CO-CREATIVE POWER.

You’re using the universal divine given POWER inside of you wrong.

Did you hear that?

You have a divinely powerful epically amazing power inside of you.

The power to choose.

The power to decide.

The power to give yourself permission.

And the power to line up your energy to call forth your wildest most amazeballs dreams.

And bitching about it won’t get you there.

And saying it’s not happening won’t get you there.

Because focusing on what you ‘don’t want’, and ‘can’t have’ and all you ego bullshit is a certain vibrational signature. And when you are emanating that vibrational signature….



Are helpless to do anything but what you tell them to do.

They HAVE TO mirror back to you what you are emanating at.

They HAVE TO mirror back to you what you are vibrating at.

What you’re thinking and feeling.

They HAVE TO mirror back to you your limiting stories.

But they also HAVE TO mirror back to you…

You core inner truth.

Your authentic bold knowing that you have inside.

They mirror back all that is inside of you.

So if you’re getting mixed manifestations and wonky experiences in you reality.

That is because you inner state is saying… this great thing is true for me, and this shitty thing is also true for me also.

—-> pro manifestation tip <— – lining up ALL your energy toward a goal or manifestation, and way of being is one of the most powerful things you can do to magnetize/bring in what you desire. And really really quickly.

Use your power wisely, it’s always on.



Def of Faith —-> The shit inside of you is real. And it’s ALREADY manifested in the energetic realms. And it’s from your higher self.

Def of Faith —-> The shit inside of you is real. And it’s ALREADY manifested in the energetic realms. And it’s from your higher self. <—-

I mentioned my business to one of my favorite people yesterday. And for the first time when I was talking about it to him…  I saw the doubt in his eyes. And I had never noticed that before. And this friend is super intuitive and very grounded so I value his opinion highly. And then I stopped, and for the first time in a long time… I doubted myself.

I stopped and thought…. wait what if all that I desire and dream doesn’t come true just like I desire it to???

What if my big vision doesn’t come about???

And then I stopped, and I REFRAMED. Is this actually —>true?<—

In ultimate truth does this person —- even though I love and trust this person very much, — do they get to determine my reality and my creations?


No one is in charge of my manifestations but me.

No one is in charge of my energy and my energetic alignment but me.

And no one is in charge of my choice to get up every day and work the energetic principles of the universe that I know are true for me.

That downloaded into my head because I ASKED.

And I remembered my own truth in that moment.

And I remembered that all the things that are somehow downloaded into my head via divine sparkle transmission or whatever you want to call it… are true. My dreams are true. And they are my divine path. And feel right for me. And I know this because my dreams and my visions are FROM INSIDE OF ME.  And I know my dreams are real and already partially manifested in the realm of infinite possibilities….. BECAUSE OF HOW IT FEELS. My internal guidance system feels a certain way. It’s its own frequency band… different than all my other thoughts.

And I moved back into FAITH.

Def of Faith —-> The shit inside of you is real. And it’s ALREADY manifested in the energetic realms. And it’s from your higher self. <—-

And it is YOUR JOB to believe your higher-self’s divine downloads MORE than anything anybody else’s doubt says. More than what anybody else’s ego says.

It’s up to you to CLAIM the dream inside of you.

And if you get shaken when other people doubt you, or when other people tell you to your face that YOU CANT DO THAT.

Then you have basically told the universe that what they think matters more than you dreams.

What they think matters more than what you know is ALREADY REAL INSIDE OF YOU.

Then you are a vibrational match to “these outer circumstances/people/public opinions have greater weight than my energetic vibration.” And the universe will say ‘ok” and then you’ll get….. what a person who THINKS that “the bullshit from others MATTERS MORE than what I am vibrating/thinking/feeling at”… would get.

And if you want to get what the version of you that has unshakeable faith KNOWS…. Then you have to BE THAT PERSON NOW.

And that person smiles at her friend when he doubts her, and turns back to her internal knowingness that sometimes doesn’t even have words.

And chooses her own power.

And isn’t shaken by others.

And chooses what is inside of her regardless of all the other bullshit that is going on.

Be that person with unshakable faith.

Def of Faith —-> What you think/know from your own heart MATTERS MORE than what other people’s egos think and know for you. <—-





All the expressions of you are REAL and they are what you are HERE FOR

I love my business, and love how I get to do things.

I love that my business gets to be an extension of my heart and my desires and my dreams.

I love that I can show up and write to you from my heart and allow my full expression to come out.

And as I’m moving deeper and deeper into my process, I am constantly being reminded, and shown, that it ALL needs to be from my heart.


It has to be me… FULLY FULLY me. I don’t need to focus on the how or on the what I am going to receive, because my art/expression/inspiration is beautiful in all its forms. Whether it’s a blog post or an Instagram post or a YouTube video. So I want you to know today… that all the expressions of you are beautiful, and they are real, and they are what your here for. So be your best self. Be your creative self. Be your Merlin self. And be your Creator God self.

Be more interested in being successful than in having problems

I feel like the life I live now is just really really easy. It’s easy because of who I am. I don’t have to ‘do’ anything. The person I have become over these last few years… but especially the last few months is one of completely and utter transformation. I had a complete break down in my mind/energy field a few years ago and I stopped and I DECIDED that no more would I have all these freaking problems, and no more would I have all this shit go on in my life that was just a MESS. I was over it. Like completely world encompassing especially OVER IT. And I decided… no I COMMANDED to the universe that all this ridiculousness just stop.


I look back, and I didn’t even realize that that was my turning point. That was where things started to spiral up. Where my downward spiral of things getting worse and worse and harder and harder just stopped and they started to spiral up a little more, and a little more, and a little more. So I want you to know, that you can energetically stop the ridiculousness and difficult circumstances in any area of your life… but you do have to decide, and you do have to put your foot down, and you do have to make an arch-level sort of decision for your life that things are just going to start working for you.

That your sick of the difficulty and your are only available for things to get better and better, and you are from now on going to focus on things spiraling up and getting better, and circumstances and events lining up to create the most epic and joyful circumstances for you.

>>And it is going to happen because you decide for it happen.

>> And it is going to happen for you because you’re no longer interested in having problems, and you have commanded that “Yes! I am more interested in being successful than in having problems”.

So if you haven’t come to this “Come to Jesus/Odin moment”… know that you can do so at anytime. In fact NOW is a good time. DECIDE that things work for you NOW. And things get better and better for you NOW. And it is because of YOU. Not any other seemingly outside circumstance/event etc. It is BECAUSE OF YOU. And it always has been.

It is done.

XOXO Arwen

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