When you find your core truth and when you become and embody and BE fully your base archetype every singe day everything unfolds easy and naturally. One of my base archetypes is Merlin. And the more I embody my inner Merlin the happier I am and the more things flow. And when you fully embody YOU and you love you fully… then people will love you and your stuff fully. People will go to your blog/social media whatever to look at your stuff. Because they love reading your shizzle! They love love watching you online and love being around you! Of course they do! Because your soulmate tribe/following is just like you because at your core frequency you are them and they are you. You both are one and so they love listening/interacting with you and having fun with you! And that is the best thing ever. And that was always the point of my business! To have it be an extension of me. And my love, and my crazy energy stories. And my Merlin-ness. And I wish the same for you too.



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