Soooooooooooo let me guess. You have this ‘thing’, and you’ve been trying to figure it out for some time now. You’re angry and frustrated that you haven’t gotten past this ‘thing’. You feel like you should have totally ‘been done’ with the thing a while ago. People on the internet tell you that you should have been past the ‘thing’ and your friends no longer want to hear about it.
But it’s still there. And it bothers you. And you’re sick and tired of emotionally dealing with the thing.

Of being stuck.

Of feeling like you’re in an emotional prison and you can’t get out of it no matter what action you take you can’t seem to change it. Shit is like ground-hog day.

Well that stops today. Because you’re going to dig into the shit now. And you’re going to change and transform it from the depths of your soul of your emotional body with me. Now. In this offer.

If you’re in for it. We’re going to do QUANTUM EMOTIONAL CLEARING and delete that shit from your subconscious.
From being an energy healer, and working with people extensively (and myself of course)… I figured out / realized that the easiest / fastest way to transform your shit is #1… just go to the energetic bottom. And #2… to just delete it ENERGETICALLY. THRU THE BODY. IN ONE FELL SWOOP. #3 move on. Which is really really easy when you’ve fully cleared something. You like… can’t even remember what you even had your panties in a waddle about in the first place!!!

This pattern that you have been dealing with in your life is not hard. And not that complex. (even though it may have seemed so). You just haven’t dealt with it on the level in which it was formed. And you haven’t quantumly cleared thru the body’s cellular structure all emotions associated with it.

To get technical were going to clear for: oaths/vows/contracts, ancestral stuff, past life stuff, DNA imprints, models & reality paradigms, morphic fields, parallel universes & aspects of self, time lines. As well as fear, anger shame, guilt, betrayal, powerlessness, regret, attachment, paralyzed will, courage, etc… basically ALL the emotions. And were going to run clearing energy thru the chakra systems, the energy meridians of the body and ground you etc.

In this session were going to talk for about 15 min or so and I’m going to ask you questions to energetically GET TO THE BOTTOM of the issue at hand. We’re doing to do a deep dive on ONE SUBJECT. And I’m going to take quick notes of the sticking points. And then… I’m going to energetically QUANTUMLY delete it. ALL OF IT. In real time. Right then on the phone with you. This is about an hour-ish.

There is no time. There is no space and it doesn’t matter if your thousands of miles away from me, you will change. Energetically, emotionally, and mentally. Because that is what I do. I am a quantum energy healer and that is my thing.

And then you’re going to be like, “Whoa! That was crazy how fast that changed!!” Because everything is energy and things don’t have to take a long drawn out amount of time to change, shift, and transform. I know you’ll love this and you’ll never be the same.

This energy container is usually an hour, but really it’s an energy thing and not a ‘time’ thing. So we will listen to what the energy tells us to do. The divine downloaded price for this offer is $225 USD. If you intuitively know this is for you message me on my personal FB page or at: support{AT} and we can set up a time. Throughout the month of March 2020 I know Thrusday’s are good for me and Saturday around lunch-ish time. I am in the Eastern Time Zone of the U.S. If you need other times just let me know when you email me. After we set it up I’ll send you the PayPal link and how to get on the call with me. The call will be recorded.



When you started doing the 3 cords with my feet, I could literally see myself be a tree, and I could see my feet go into the soil and become one. When you were doing the pull thing, I would feel something pulling on my left leg like really for real. I could feel that. And when you started doing the relasing thing with her, I felt the anger… the complete anger coming from her. And I could see the image or her going around. That was weird. And then you were strengthening the cord between me and the other girl, I could literally feel her presence coming.

And when you were like, here are the parts of you, who were like 2 and 6, I could literally see them merging back with me and stuff, it was kind of interesting because I was like, maybe I don’t know me. Then after they were merged I felt better. I could literally see me as a kid it was weird. And that triangle thing that was trippy as well. And every single thing you were saying, like how she would grab onto me, I have experienced that with her before. Like I know that is how she is with me. I feel so much better.

J. D. Kentucky

Quantum Energy Healing

Thank you so much for your help today, Arwen. The session was powerful, I’m feeling peaceful and grounded, grateful I was guided to you. Wishing you bright days 💛✨


Quantum Energy Healing

Hey Arwen I just wanted to thank you for our last session! Since working with you I feel much braver. It’s almost like I’ve taken the lid off and I’m free to follow my dreams. I’ve also been able to manifest very quickly! I manifested an apartment with everything I wanted (ended up not taking it – surprised me how fast it happened), and multiple job offers, and friendships. And when we worked through relationship patterns the other day I opened up to a new level. I had a dream I met a very interesting attractive man last night! I’m now dreaming on a higher frequency! Thank you!

B. L. Louisville, KY

Quantum Emotional Clearing

“I have had 2 quantum-clearing sessions with Arwen and they were both mind-blowing.  Arwen is so gifted and intuitive. I have never had shifts happen this quickly, ever! I did not realize it could be this easy! I just saved years of therapy and have already experienced 2 major shifts in my life.

In my first session, I went in feeling so angry and frustrated with my husband’s drinking and smoking. We cleared all of the negative energy and charges surrounding it, and then I had the most amazing a-ha moment that changed my whole being. Subsequently, I  was completely neutral about his behavior; was able to have a very calm conversation with him about it; and then without me doing anything, he just stopped going to the bar and smoking everyday!

My second session was around money and my ex-husband and his wife. I had not realized how many negative feelings I had around this subject, and because I did, I was attracting aggressive and negative energy around the child support I was receiving from them. Arwen was able to help me to get to the absolute core of the matter; clear it and become neutral and unattached and therefore stand my ground -in my power! The ex and his wife apologized; dropped the matter, and the situation is now clear of any negative emotions and I was able to keep the child support for my kids. What a shift!”

L.A. Athens, GA

Quantum Emotional Clearing

Arwen is so very gifted at what she does. Her ability to get right to the issues and help to sift through and clear energies is why I will always recommend her highly to anyone seeking energetic transformation. Her intuition is spot on and her warm, caring nature makes it really easy and comfortable to work with her. Each session I’ve had with Marilyn has helped me tremendously and resulted in some profound shifts in deeply imbedded patterns. I’m so grateful for her thoughtful care and dedication to helping others. Thank you Arwen!!!

J.A. South Carolina

Quantum Emotional Clearing

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