If you haven’t manifested or at least partially manifested what you want in at least a few months, there is problem. If you’ve been trying to do something for yearrrssss. Or even just a year. And you haven’t made any headway or progress. There is a problem. You need assistance. Because you will only create what your subconscious will let you have. Said another way, you will only create what the IDENTITIES IN YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS LET YOU HAVE. Your inner 3-year old doesn’t agree? Well you’re not going to get it then. And if you do try to go for it, it’s going to fear hard, laborious, like its taking blood sweat and tears to accomplish it and you still may not accomplish it in the end. When you have your inner child hood identities and archetypes in alignment with your goal… its feels like you’re sitting on a sailboat coasting in the sun, or on a bob sled going down the mountain. Its so easy and effortless. That what happens when you don’t have the inner resistance of your fragmented-out inner child throwing a tantrum, or an identity archetype playing out either. If you haven’t made head way on something you strongly (from soul) want, then there is a problem. And its some inner alignment thing going on inside of you. Because when you get that right. Knowing what to do is easy. Taking the action you need to do is easy. And you feel like its already done before you even have it because you are the person (read, IDENTITY) that would just naturally have that result. That is how you make manifesting automatic. That is how you make it effortless. 


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