I’ve been going through an inner transformation lately. Of twisting and shedding and SEEING what really needs to be seen. My logo is an owl for a reason. My favorite thing to do is to see through the dimensions and see what is hidden. I am going through and having downloads that I KNOW are even more foundational pieces for my work on the planet.
I have been feeling in my body what I really want. And all this time I thought that I was going for what I REALLY REALLY wanted… but now I realize that I was going for what my ROLES / ARCHETYPES wanted. Which is very different than what my soul wants and deeply desires.
My inner victim is busy playing out a victim/martyr role with my part-time job.
My inner abandoned invisible child is busy trying to get money.
My inner abandoned invisible child USED to be busy tying to be acknowledged by my ex-boyfriend.
My con-artist / self – saboteur is terrified of being found out – about anything.
My job is ‘playing out’ the role of my mother.
My business is ‘playing out’ the role of my father.
So all these things I’ve been saying that I want to ‘have’… have really been from my roles. They are what my roles /archetypes want. None of it is what I really want. As I am feeling deeper and deeper into myself it is being revealed to me that I want to feel more deeply nourished. That I want to feel more deeply held and supported… in all ways possible.
I used to struggle badly with Epstein-Bars symptoms. And daily I feel 1000% better… but there still is a shred of tiredness. There still is this shred of being depleted. And I am no longer willing to stand for that anymore. I choose to feel at least at 130% up to 150% vitality and life force daily. No more of this feeling at 85%. 85% is just not good enough and NOT how I choose to feel. I am going for overflow in the feeling department. It is time. But I can’t do that dragging around all these archetypes with in my psyche. They have to go.
So there will be quantum energy sessions to dismantle and energetically eject those archetypes and roles. There may even be a shamanic funeral ceremony for them. But I will not stay here. I will shift the energy. And I will be at 150% energy levels. Because that is what I really want. That is what is really important to me.

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