I want you all to know that it’s ok if thing in your life happen. You can still have equilibrium. Earlier I had to process some deep feelings in my personal life and it was ok. Before I would have been freaked out that that one area of my life would bleed over into other areas or affect other things I had going on. And I don’t wonder that anymore. I can I know process deep feelings this evening. And get up tomorrow and go hiking and be fully present for that. And tomorrow afternoon I have sessions, and I can be deeply present for them. And then tomorrow night I know I am doing a ceremony. It has already downloaded into my head that I need to do that. And it will all be fine. And it will all work out. And no area needs to bleed over or mess up another area. But I know this now because I’ve done the emotional and energetic work to bring in archetypes and identifies into my subconscious that are grounded, stable, and powerful. So I know that if I need to go into a vulnerable part of myself, I can do that and be safe. And tomorrow when I need to do another task, I can activate the part of me that needs to show up in fullness for that. And it’s all ok. Everything, whatever you do it, is ok. 

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