Five of Pentacles Meaning Upright

The five of pentacles speaks of hardship and poverty. The figures in the traditional rendition of the five of pentacles are dressed in rags and sometimes have a bandage or two indicating extreme hardship or difficulty. So this card can speak of losing a job. Or even losing faith. There could have been a series of events that culminated in the extreme difficulty that they are facing right now.

Five of Pentacles Meaning Reversed

The five of pentacles reversed speaks of a difficult time ending. Things are finally turning around. Things suddenly look brighter and start to go right. So maybe you find that job. Someone lends you money. You find a cheaper apartment or car… some sort of circumstances or events workout to improve your financial situation. You get to the job and realize that your getting a bonus that you didn’t expect. You talk to the landlord and the rent is less than you thought. Something happens to improve your money situation.

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