Just wanted to write you all and tell you what has come up for me today. So I had all this inspiration come thru me the yesterday (I filmed 7 videos) after my 2 client calls, and after talking to my friend for an hour on the phone. And I woke up today and felt some tightness / blocks, and I leaned into the discomfort to really FEEL what I was feeling.
And I noticed that having so much content flow out of me was making me feel out of control. And it wasn’t ‘safe’ to be out of control. If I do all the content that is trying to flow out of me then I’ll be overwhelmed / out of control / burnt out. But at the same time I felt that if I didn’t ride my inspiration I would miss out and I would regret not ‘going with it’. . So when I did the energy work to change this I saw myself sitting inside of a dragons stomach. And I of course used the stairs to go up his neck and out his mouth. Then I sat on his back and felt much better. I feel that the dragon represents my power / inspiration. And when it comes I was feeling overwhelmed by it (aka sitting in the stomach) And sitting on his back feels much better. Then I decided to give him (the dragon) some headlights, so I could see where I was going. Then I gave myself a nice new saddle, so I could be comfortable. And then I gave the dragon some reigns, so I felt like I could at least steer if I wanted to! And I noticed I then had a radio, so I could talk to God. And a map, so I had some idea where we were going. I added some goggles so that the wind wouldn’t bother me. .
Now that I’ve done the energy work I feel much better. I feel in my body like it’s ok to be with my power. It’s ok to feel comfortable while I am riding my power / inspiration. It’s safe because I have a map, so I have an idea where I’m going. And if I need anything I can ask God via the radio. I feel much better! . If you want to do energy work like this with me that’s what I do in my private sessions and in my 6-week program Merge With Your Power. If this feels fun to you and you want to work me you can message me on FB. If you want more info it’s on my website (which is my full name) under the ‘work with me’ tab.

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