Let’s talk about energetic bridges!!!! When you want to create something you have to feel safety in your body.
You have to feel like you’re going to be better off on the other side of whatever you are trying to create or do.
You have to your automatic nervous system feel like its so much ‘better’ over there… and oh how much more fun over there.
No need to create drama.
No need to create a crisis.
No need to make things hard or difficult.
Everything starts with an energetic intention.
And it gets to be easy.
And it gets to be fun.
And it gets to be better than you thought it would be.
And everything gets to work out for you.
But to do have to get clear within yourself about what you want.
And get clear within yourself that you can have it.
And that you’re ready for it.
And that you’ll be safe in having it.
And if you want you can even create an energetic bridge which is what I talk about in the video.
When you feel like circumstances and events are working out in your favor and carrying you… then its easy to move forward.
Then you feel like it is going to be fun and easy, and joyful, its easy to move forward.
And it’s not that hard.
But you do have to get clear in your energy around the subject.
And you do have to feel good about it.
And when you do… then you will like your being energetically pulled.
And it’s easy to be / feel energetically pulled when you have set up the energy around the thing you want to manifest. Then it’s easy. Then it’s fun.
If you want to hear me riff on the Energetics of this… go to YouTube. I go into much more depth in the energy / mindset / perception of energetically shifting there. The YouTube video is called “How to Create an Energetic Bridge”. Lots of love today guys!

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