Ten of Pentacles Tarot Meaning Upright and Reversed

Ten of Pentacles Meaning Upright in a Tarot Reading

When I think of the ten of pentacles I think of comfort. All is well. The card feels to me like someone who has put in lots of work over their lifetime and now they are in their retirement years (or the final stages of something) and they can sit back and relax. This card is different than the nine of pentacles in that the characters in the card are all family and share ancestors. So this card speaks to carrying on the legacy of your forefathers. It’s achieving success (especially financial) and fulfillment by having continued the steps of your ancestors. It reminds me of the owner of a vineyard who is wealthy in family, in prosperity, and in material wealth. The land was first planted with grapes by his great great grandfather kind of thing. So this card talks about having to continue to put one foot in front of the other long term and keep taking steps forward. It talks of building on the family’s strengths and making it greater and talks of creating something that is greater than the family whole itself. For instance, maybe grandpa had just his children helping him, and now the grandson of the family has his family helping him as well as 10 employees and their wine is sold in several different countries. That’s the vibe of this card. So this story that I have explained is an analogy or father archetypes that this card deals with so you’ll have to use your intuition to see how it applies to your situation.

Reversed Ten of Pentacles Meaning in a Tarot Reading

Where as the upright ten of pentacles talks of things coming together to build something great over the long term, the revered ten of pentacles talks of things that have built up long term being divided. So the land, or the business, or resources of some sort are being divided. Remember this is the suit of pentacles so it talks about assets in the physical world as opposed to psychological things. So the analogy that comes into my head if we’re going to go with the previous example… is that the patriarch of the wine family dies and there wasn’t a will detailing the dispersal of the assets, so the estate must follow state laws and that dictates that the vineyard must be dividend among siblings. Things divided. Or there is a divorce… and assets, financial investments, houses, cars and vacation homes must now be liquidated and dispersed. The estate or business is now cut into pieces. If there is a business and it is run by more than one person, then their differences may now be causing a dissolving or splitting up of the partnership.

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