Three of Pentacles Tarot Meaning Upright and Reversed

Three of Pentacles Upright Tarot Card Meaning

Three of pentacles talks of the initial completion of a goal or plan. The plan has been mapped out and is under way in some capacity. It is about bringing your vision into from and making it real. The three of pentacles traditionally has the artisan and a person holding the blueprints to build the cathedral. Just as the artisan has the skills to build the cathedral so do you. You have what you need to create and build your vision. This card speaks of having at least a rough plan in place, as every greater cathedral (building something great) requires some sort of blueprint. I see the blueprint as the 3d stuff you need to know, and the artist follows the inner blueprint of his intuition from inside of himself. So blending your intuitive knowing with outside knowledge is a winning combination. The three of Pentacles also talks about showing up every single day and working on your cathedral. It talks about persistence and commitment to the goal. The cathedral isn’t going to get built if you show up once a week for 4 hours. So this goal will take dedication. It may also take team work and help from others. Sometimes this card shows multiple people bundling the cathedral and ruminating on the plans and artwork. And just like a cathedral this project could be large one taking many months or even years. But it will be worth it, because it will be a great work of art in the end.

Three of Pentacles Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

The three of pentacles reversed could mean people who are working on a project together being in competition or having different visions. It could mean that you aren’t being seen or head in a collaboration because everyone else is talking over you or dismissing what you have to say. It could also mean you want to build something great like the cathedral, but you are missing the pieces to do so. You don’t have the help, or the blueprint, or the artistic ability to get it done.

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