Nine of Pentacles Tarot Meaning Upright and Reversed

Nine of Pentacles Meaning Upright in a Tarot Reading

The nine of pentacles character in this card is very financial abundant. She is financially wealthy or independent in some way. She either has investments that support her or a lavish retirement. Her house is paid for and she has a plenty of financial cushion. She feels relaxed and abundant. She has plenty of time for pampering herself and helping others. She has lots of time to spend as she pleases and might do charity work as well. The nine of pentacles tarot card had the overall feeling of ease and grace regarding life’s journey. She is abundant in money and time and resources. She is living a blessed life. She is very financially astute and takes care of her affairs. She is responsible and proud of the life she has cultivated for herself.

Nine of Pentacles Meaning Reversed in a Tarot Reading

The reversed nine of pentacles is someone who has no time for themselves. They are always hustling and bustling, maybe they are a work-a-holic, or maybe they are over extending in taking care of their family or others. But whatever their circumstances are… they have no leisure time. They have a lack of time, a lack of money, an lack of resources and support. Where the nine of pentacle upright speaks of a massive amount of support… the revered nine of pentacles speaks of a severe lack of support. So much so that the characters health may be diminished as a result. You have no time for concerts on the weekend, vacations with spouses, let alone coffee breaks with friends because you are way to overextended, and as such you find yourself always saying ‘I’m too busy’. But are you really? This card is calling you to really look at your situation and ask yourself if all this movement and action is necessary. Are all the things you’ve committed to are responsible for really necessary? Are they adding to your life? This is the time to ask yourself what do you value? And put your time and energy toward those things and drop what is subtracting from your life. Now if we allow ourselves to go a layer down energetically in this archetypes of the nine of pentacles reversed… what comes up for me is this feeling in the body of not being valuable. So on some level the character in the card may feel that they are not valuable or their work isn’t valuable. And this may lead them to feeling that they have to work excessively in order to receive or that they just can’t receive a good amount of money for the work that they do put out there. So they might be undercharging for their work or services etc. They might be getting a lower salary simply because they don’t value themselves more and ask for a raise or switch companies and own their value and seek a higher salary.

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