Six of Swords Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed

Six of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

In this card the figures on the boat riding across a river is a metaphor for making some sort of difficult life transition that is necessary. The figures in the card are leaving things behind that are no longer right and true for them. The other side of the river promises better life circumstances. Although they may be sad, (they’re wearing hooded clothing) they are not holding onto past life circumstances or events (they’re not looking back, only forward). And even though it may be emotionally hard (the river they’re moving thru) in their mind they know they must (Swords in the boat). A new life phase is awaiting them on the other side of this regretful transition.

This card can be viewed as being sad to leave the past behind, or can be seen as excited to move into a new situation and start over. To chart a new path so to speak. The Swords in the boat are calling you to keep your impartialness and rational thought as you make this transition and not to focus on all the emotional drama that might come along with such a transition. The boat ride will be much smoother if you stay in the boat with the Swords (keeping mental clarity)! Rather than fall over board into the river and have to swim (get swallowed up by all your emotions) your way across.

Six of Swords Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

Whereas when the six of Swords is upright you know that this transition is necessary and for your highest and best good… when its reversed, you are resisting what you know you must do or a move you must make (whether physical or circumstantial) you’re dragging your feet about this new move / transition and you’re more focused on your emotions about the situation (the river) than the land on the other side (new life) because you don’t ‘really’ want to go.

The six of Swords reversed may also represent that you don’t have much of a choice in this transition. You have to go because the others around you are going and that is just how it is. You may want to pout about it but it isn’t going to change the circumstances. This card can also mean that you have thought you moved on from a certain situation but it keeps haunting you. You didn’t fully resolve it and here it is showing up again for you to deal with it. You may not have fully severed the cords to the previous person or unhealthy situation or relationship and so it keeps showing up in some shape or form.

So this card upright means ‘moving on’. And reversed it means ‘you didn’t quite move on’. And you didn’t quite move on because of all the emotions that are what are holding you back. You could use some sword energy (mental clarity and perspective) to help you see things as they really are so you can get in your boat and get across the river (emotional drama)!

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