Five of Swords Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed

Five of Swords Upright Tarot Card Meaning

The 5 of swords can be taken multiple ways. When you look at this card you can either be the man holding the Swords or one of the figures in the background who have put down their Swords and are walking away. You’ll have to use your intuition to decide which character you (or your client) is in the reading.

If we step in the Major figure in the card holding all the Swords… the first thing that I feel is a mix of emotions like, regret, smugness, and superiority. It’s almost this feeling of grateful to win, but at the same time regretting winning because something else was lost as well. Maybe it was the trust of the others. Maybe it was the friendship of the others. But this card definitely has an air of doing something that your ego thought was a good idea, but now your heart is sad and knows it wasn’t worth the price. The character in the card has acted against soul/divine guidance / intuition etc and has instead created a situation that he now regrets. He may have hurt others, betrayed them, done something unethical, or just overrode their rights in some way to attain his current position / status.

Another thing this card could mean is that you’re only putting yourself and your needs into consideration and you’re ignoring the group. Or you’re operating out of some context where the brain only sees how you can receive but others can’t receive at the same time as well.

This card can also point to being reckless or being unaware of how your choices and actions are affecting others. Are you doing something perpetually that is constantly alienating those around you? Are you in a habit pattern of making choices that don’t take those around you into consideration?

Additionally, the 5 of Swords could mean some sort of promotion that nobody supported. The central character is moved to a new position at work for example, and while he is happy about it, everyone else in the office is reeling from the decision. They are not happy and feel a sense of powerlessness in their ability to influence their workplace environment. Perhaps promotion without consensus of the group is a good way to sum that up.

The five of Swords could also mean some sort of betrayal or shady business is going on behind your back to disarm you of your position / power / or authority. Someone may be saying one thing to your face but doing something else behind your back.

If the focus is on the characters setting down their Swords and walking away, then this card could mean that defeat is inevitable. It is time to set down the sword/ opinion / fight / and just walk away. There is nothing to be from fighting anymore. Others are more powerful than you or are in a greater position of authority, and do not hold your view and so you are in a weaker position and thus cannot assert your choices in the group. It is possible to instead of reading this as defeat see it is as a wise decision. Knowing what you’re up against can be a great ally in making the best decision. And sometimes the best decision is to walk away.

Fighting or not fighting is a choice. So the five of Swords also talks about being wise enough to know when you should stay and fight and when you should lay down your arms and find greener pastures.

Five of Swords Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

To read this card reversed we’ll just reverse the energy. So what if the main character in this card dropped his sword and brought some flowers over to the other characters in the background of the card? What if instead he offered his hand out in compassion? The reversed five of swords speaks of swallowing your pride and making amends. It speaks of including others even though your ego maybe be resisting it. It speaks of actively bridging any past grievances and forgiving to move forward. So what do you need to let go of? Who do you need to set free that has wronged you? How do you release all that was weighing heavy on your soul so that you can feel free and able to easily move forward?

The five of swords reversed also talks of negotiating. What agreements or alternative perspectives can you have that can allow everyone to get what they want and need? How can this situation be turned around to benefit everyone involved?

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