Four of Swords Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed

Four of Swords Upright Tarot Card Meaning in a Tarot Reading

Dude its time to slow down. Shut the laptop and turn off the phone. Go sit in the bathtub. Or go to the park and leave the electronic devices in the car. Take your dog to the dog park and play fetch. Be in your body and do things that make you feel connected and happy. You need a recharge. Just like the knight in the card that is always doing, doing, doing, sometimes you just have to chill out and have a deep respite. Depending on how driven you have been lately will determine how much of a rest and recharge you need. Do you have small children? Do you find yourself going to the bathroom just so you can be alone for 5 min? Then you need to recharge.

Do you need a hour to yourself? Do you need a weekend of just being in nature? Or is a full blown vacation in order? That is for you to decide. Maybe you can be social free media free on Sunday like Vix of NewAgeHipster recommends. Or have all family members put their phones in a goldfish bowl from 5pm to 7pm every single night. This is a swords card and the swords are all about decisions, ideas, thinking, and mental perspectives. So this card is telling me you’re probably spending too much time in your head. Too much mental exertion is going on and its over-taxing you. The antidote to this is cup/ water energy. So make space to be in the body and  do things that make you FEEL connected to yourself, your family, your animals, and the earth. It’s defiantly not about doing more thinking, its about doing more ‘being’.

The four of swords also may be telling you to stop thinking about something. Stop trying to ‘solve’ or ‘figure out’ whatever you have been trying to figure out. Let it go. Take a break. Give yourself a rule that you won’t think about the stressful situation for a few days and that you will revisit the situation with a clear mind later. Letting it go fully and then coming back to it will yield better results than continuously typing to grapple with it.

The four of swords can also mean its time to create a ‘god box’ or ‘universe box’. If you find your mind constantly reeling and spinning… it may be time to clear out all that mental clutter. Get a small box or basket and label it “things I’m releasing to God or The Universe, or Cosmic Intelligence” (whatever resonates with you). And then get some paper and cut it into 4 or 6 squares. And on each square write down your worries and then throw it in the basket/box. Just keep throwing your worries in the box until you feel emotionally clean and clear. Then go fully disconnect from the old energy by going for a walk, calling your friend, or swimming/ riding a bike etc. Don’t forget to throw all you worry papers in the trash later. If you feel like it you can rip them into little pieces before you throw them out.

Another thing the fours of swords can mean is that its time for solitude. If you have other peoples ideas swimming around in your head about what you should or should not do…. then might be a good idea to be a alone of are spell and get in touch with your thoughts and feelings about the situation also you can move forward in clarity. You need to be on your own path, not the path other people think you should be on.

Four of Swords Reversed Tarot Card Meaning in a Tarot Reading

For the four of Swords reversed lets imagine the knight has gotten off the slab he’s been resting on in the church and is ready to walk outside. He is mentally alert and aware. He feels good and recharged. His thinking is clear and he has a defined purpose. Where as the upright four of swords can mean mental confusion and too much ‘spinning’ mentally… in the reversed four of swords this card can mean that the character has a new mental perspective.

All the dross has fallen away and he is now sure and clear with in himself. He knows what he must do. The knight archetype in general is all about action. So this guy wants to take action now, only this time he knows what to do, what direction to go in, and how to do it. He is mentally clear and ready. He has recharged mentally and spiritually (represented by the church) and is fully ready to siege the day! He feels great after his long nap/respite of getting clarity, and now is ready to proceed.

So you have spent an hour in the bath tub, you have talked to your best friend, and you have made dinner and listened to music and you are feeling good now. You realize your fears and worries are not so big and you feel more filled up and ready to make decisions. You suddenly know what you need to do next and things feel good. Mentally you’re refreshed!

Tuning into spirit and recharging can bring great clarity because your heart/higher-self will only give you ONE thing to do causing you to feel connected, happy and refreshed…. and your ego will give you a LONG LIST of things to do that you don’t actually need to do and that will make you feel drained and overwhelmed. That’s how you can tell the difference between the two, by how you feel.

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