12 The Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed

The hanged man tarot card meaning

The character in this card is hanging from a rope upside down. The rope means restriction, and the upside-down part means being suspended from taking action. So the justice tarot card talks about not being able to move forward. Having circumstances or events outside of you preventing you from forward motion. So you may be perplexed as to how to move forward or make headway in some endeavor you’re involved in. It feels like being in a period of suspensions and ‘waiting’ energy. To get out of this situation the hanged man would need to loosen the rope from around his foot. That can represent ‘letting go’ of what is keeping you suspended. So what is keeping you bound? Is it a job? A situation? Someones perception of you? The role you’re playing in family dynamics? A belief structure or perspective about life that is keeping you from moving forward? If you were to ‘loosen the rope’ in your life situation what would that mean doing? Making a new choice? Talking to someone knowledgeable for advice? Reading about the subject matter further? Taking a shamanic journey to receive answers? Taking legal action? What, is it? Because the man in the card can reach the top of the rope… so you can change your situation.

The benefit of dangling from the tree of course is seeing things in anew light. A new perspective. So although being in this sort of suspension and waiting may be nerve-racking, if you have to be here, what can you see from your new vantage point? What needs fixing? Or revamping up? What can be changed? Are there procedures that need to be put in place? What do you need to clean up? Learning from your time upside down and then making an informed decision can lead to untying the rope and getting out of non-action and suspension.

On another note, the emotional state someone may be feeling when this card comes up is powerlessness to outside circumstances. Be sure to point out to this person (if you are doing a reading for someone) that they do have the power to undo the rope and discuss ways that they can do that. The key is to look at things differently though.

The Hanged Man Tarot Card Reversed

While the upright hanged man talks about unfortunate circumstances happening that lead to waiting and contemplating how to make lemonade out of lemons, which then lead to better overall circumstances… the reversed hanged man tarot card talks about not seeing the wiring on the wall and walking right into a bad situation. It is the character that goes ahead and does something even though they know it’s a bad idea. The character that doesn’t listen to their own inner guidance or even the heedance of others and buys the thing, applies for the job, takes the trip, makes the choice that they know in their gut is a bad idea.

In the hanged man reversed tarot card the difficult situation can be self-imposed, while in the upright hanged man tarot card, you got ‘strung up’ but circumstances you couldn’t really foresee or foresee in time to make correct adjustments to course.

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