11 Justice Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed

The Justice Tarot Card Meaning Upright

When you see the justice card I want you think fairness and balance. Justice speaks to the notion that you reap what you sow. So what are your past actions, thoughts or beliefs or circumstances that have led you to where you are now? Because it is actually very logical and easy to see how you got to where you are now if you just look at the path that has led you to where you are now. By having your eyes wide open you can make logical and common sense decisions to lead you from where you are right now to a better and easier path.

If there are obstructions to your path, or difficulties you are now facing… you must ask yourself, What situations were you ignoring in the past that lead to where you are right now? Because it is fair. Even though it may not seem like it, or feel like that, it actually is fair and if you just look objectify at the situation without emotion or a victim mentality or blame of others (or circumstances for that matter) you’ll see that what you are getting is fair. And actually does make sense. And if you can see how you got to where you are (objectively) you will be able to see (objectively) how to get out of where you are and create a better circumstance. This card is about taking responsibly. It is about looking at the facts, figures, and trends and any data available to you. It is not about blaming, shaming, being over emotional and engaging in wishful thinking, or projecting responsibly onto others.

This card is also about how astute and intelligent decisions based on facts and sensible choices can lead to long-term success and prosperity. The choices you make from here, the responsibility you take from here, and the advice of knowledgeable and grounded individuals can create a bright future with long-term stability and abundance.

This card also talks of looking for the truth in a situation. While others can weave lies or prejudice about a situation… your job, when you’re embodying the justice tarot card… is to look for the absolute truth in a situation… even if that truth is under a bunch of ‘here-say’ and half-truths. Your other job is to be impartial in your decision like a distinguished judge. The easiest way to understand this card is to move yourself into the identity perspective of “the distinguished Judge” and then see the situation thru his eyes. This should bring great clarity and decisiveness with confidence.

Which brings me to making swift decisions. The judge archetype does not “hem and haw”. He does not spend weeks mulling over a choice. He makes direct and clear decisions, and he can do so, because he has tapped into the impartial truth. This card can also indicate someone who follows every thing by the book. They follow policies and procedures to the letter and don’t take into account any emotional sentiment.

The Reversed Justice Tarot Card Meaning

While upright the justice tarot card talks of seeking impartial truth, reversed the justice card talks of being in denial of the truth or avoiding it at all costs. Such a person in such a state would be in denial of facts, figures, and market trends. They would deny the facts when hearing them and would in general be in avoidance and denial of entire situations. They might even be a bit delusional to onlookers, as they are only interested in that they ‘want’ to see and not what is clearly going on. This person is also not interested in fairness or justice, they are selfish and are only looking to get their (ego) desires fulfilled and are not looking to assist others. If they are even aware of others plight they will either deny it, make light of it, accuse others of being wrong about said situation, or blame it on the ones that they are intentionally leaving out. This sort of person would also disregard the rules to further ‘their’ or ‘their cronies’ agenda. The rules, policies and procedures don’t ‘apply’ to them from their perspective because everything is about them. This card can mean you are the person I described above, or you are a victim to someone with this sort of archetype going on.

An alternate view of this card is that it can mean you are being ‘squeezed’ by all of the rules and customary way of doing things and it is restricting you and draining the life out of you. There is a need to let go of doing things they way those that came before you did things, the customary way, the traditional way, or industry norms way. It is time for you to flip the rules on their head and let your creativity come thru. What is needed now is a release of the egos relentless ‘shoulds’ and ‘should-nots’ and instead take a free flowing and intuitive approach with no boundaries and restrictions. With that perspective dramatic change for the better is possible.

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