The level of receiving you are a match for in your adult life is being reflected back to you by what your childhood self feels he/she could receive from her parents. And everything he/she feels she could or could not receive is also playing out in your adult life. If your childhood self felt there was a price then your adult self will feel there is a price. If your inner child hood self felt something was out of reach, then your adult self will feel things are out of reach. Its all a direct mirror. And one you stop trying to deal with the reflection (what your adult self needs wants feels she can have) and deal with the source of the pattern, (where the pattern was first created / the emotional pattern of your small self and the identities that were created to cope with said limitations your inner child / subconscious feels) then you will actually be able to create change on a core deep level. Your parents were your first experiences with receiving. So your dynamics around receiving from your parents are mirroring all your experiences in receiving today as an adult. This goes for receiving with money. Receiving with relationships. Receiving with your job. Receiving with your business. Receiving with your friends. And knowing how to work on this level makes change really really easy. Ask me how I know this! 

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