What can I expect in a session/reading?

Receiving. It is my intention that during your session you are going to get exactly what you need. I choose to be a channel of love, healing, guidance, and empowerment. I choose for you to feel heard, held, and uplifted after our reading. And most of all I choose for our session to resonate with you on a soul level.

Honesty. I am going to be honest with you about what I see and the energy of any situation that I intuitively read. I am going to tell you the truth even if it’s not what your ego wants to hear. My job is to be open and honest with you and share with you what I am seeing. By bringing up and talking about your soul’s core truth it will enable you to see what you couldn’t see before or understand some missing piece of something. This will enable you to move forward of your own accord and for you to make choices that feel in alignment and good and empowered. And one can only do that if they are seeing and acknowledge the truth.

Neutrality. There is no judgment on anything you want to bring up in session. I am not going to judge your actions or non-actions regarding anything. My job is to be a neutral guide to assist you in finding the truth inside of yourself and coming to your own conclusions and identifying your core values that you have and living in accordance with what you find to be in harmony with them. I will always strive to assist you in being in full alignment with yourself.

Empowerment. I want for you to grow, step into your power, and embrace your authenticity. You are not broken, you don’t have problems… you are just on your journey as we are all. It is my intention to help you step into the version of yourself that knows how to navigate relationships and situations in life and still stay true to your hearts compass and make aligned decisions accordingly. Any and all insight, information, and reading of energetic patterns that I offer are to give you more clarity and insight into what you cannot see. To give you insight into a new more empowered dynamic that you can use to navigate your reality and assist you in embracing /claiming what is important to you… and being more you of course.  

How do you read?

I am a medium energy. What that means is that I read/see thru things on different dimensions. Characteristically the word medium is used to denote someone who talks to dead people. And while that is a valid definition of medium, for me the word medium had a much wider connotation. I use the word medium to mean… someone who can read energy in multiple dimensions. (which may of course include the frequency that dead people are on… but is not limited to that frequency band either) So that being said… I do not wish at this time to give readings to people about their dead loved ones at the moment. What I do embrace and love doing is reading energy patterns (reading them clears them) so that you can move forward in your life and be closer to your version of a happy and aligned life. This can include:

Reading emotional patterns and dynamics that you have with other people or even situations in your life.  

Past life situations that are affecting your present ability to make empowering choices and move forward.

Ancestral energies that are running over and over like a record player in your energy field and so forth.

Clearing trauma and integrating aspects of self back into your body.

Choosing new morphic fields to resonate with and collapsing others that you no longer wish to energetically entangle with.

How do sessions work?

You show up with whatever you want to talk about. What has been on your heart, your mind, your soul. Well spend the first few minutes of you telling me about the situation you want help/clarity on, and then well go from there. When you tell me about the situation/issue… I will then read the energy that you have presented, and then proceed to go down the levels. Every problem or situation is energetic and can easily be read. It also has levels, and when you go down the levels and realize the core truth, then change and transformation happens. My desire is to assist you in coming back to the core truth inside of you and feel happy and healthy to move forward easily in your life. 

Quantum Energy Shifting

Everything is light and information and light and information can easily be read, understood, and changed. Everything is frequency and everything is a field of information. Your life and the situations and habits and ways of being are all just patterns of light and information. Your entire reality is just a projection of what is inside of you. And by changing the light and information within in you, you can change your whole universe. (Ask me how I know this) We are living in a holographic reality where everything inside of us is just projected outward onto 3D matter.

That being said, you can easily shift these patterns.

If you choose this type of session we will be going into the layers underneath reality and changing the patterns of light and information to resonate back with divine template.

On an energetic level, I see things in a very simple way. Everything is either divine Template OR some distortion of that. So if something is out of balance in your life… then it is just not resonating at divine template, it is resonating at some deviation of Devine Template. No judgment if that is where the energy is vibrating at right now. So that being said…

During the session we are going to be neutral and allow the energy to shift itself. I do not need to tell the ‘energy’ what to do. And you do not need to ‘tell’ the energy what to do either! Source energy is self intelligent and knows what to do. We will just hold sacred space together and ALLOW the energy to realign it self with divine template. Have you ever head the saying… “It is NOT what you are doing, but WHERE you are doing it from that creates the results.” That is because when we are allowing the energy to go back to template we are in sacred heart space/theta brain etc and THAT is where the magic lies. And from that ‘space’ in our consciousness, there is no need to DO anything the way we think of in the 3D world. There is just observing the energy and allowing it to move back into harmony. Massive shifts can happen this way.

Working with energy in this way and all sorts of shifting can be done. I have used it for everything. My health, relationships, my job, my career, my business, my relations with other ppl, traveling, even buying things at the auction like I like to do! Most people think of ‘energy healing’ as only a thing you do with health issues, but it applies to everything of course. Which is why I like to call it ‘quantum energy shifting’.

Intuitive Life Coaching for Soul Alignment

I am a big journaler now and a big proponent of asking myself soul clarity questions continuously. Not to just shed light on my deeper desires and the way my mind/energy works, but also for manifesting the life I truly want and desire as well as constant checking in for soul alignment. Because of this practice it has become part of who I am and questions for clarity and enlightenment just download into my head. I feel this is one of the best things that has happened to me these last few years and I love sharing it with others… so no matter what kind of session we have, don’t be surprised if I give you journaling homework at the end! (You will definitely be getting journaling clarity questions for soul alignment if you are doing an Energy Apprenticeship with me.)

Below are some of my fundamental beliefs that shape the kinds of questions I ask and why I ask them. This feels to me the way that life coaching in its purest intent/form is supposed to work: Ask questions to bring clarity and enlightenment and show the client how to dig into themselves for answers and find their own values, truth, and answers.

>>Who you are is perfect. You don’t need to be anybody else or change yourself in any way. Being MORE YOU — like ALL THE WAY YOU – is what is going to get you/bring you what you desire. Whether it is an amazing loving earth moving romantic relationship. OR an amazing business that lights you up where you love you clients and you can’t wait to get up every day. OR a fitness and lifestyle routine that lights you up and you love to do each day. Being someone else’s version of who you should be is not ok/good enough. Being the version of you that your ego decides is ‘socially acceptable’ for you to be is also not ok/good enough. Only by being completely true to you will satisfaction /fulfillment / joy /expansion and happiness come to you. AND what most people don’t know/ understand is that this how you actually ‘get’ all your ‘stuff’. When I say ‘stuff’ I mean the cool things you want, that house, that car, that lifestyle, travel stuff, etc. But that only comes in fulfillment after this inner stuff is grounded into you body / personality / knowingness.

>>BEING IN ALIGNMENT IS PARAMOUNT. Choosing / desiring a goal that you want because you think that you should have it… or you think that it will make you money… or popular… or loved… etc, will never manifest, and even if you put in the sweat and grit and tears and sleepless nights. Even if you do partially manifest it… then it will be the most agonizing and soul draining thing you’ve ever done and you’ll hate it and you’ll still be unhappy even if you were to manifest it anyways. Because it’s not what your SOUL desires. It’s what your ego thinks you SHOULD want. To create what you really want, you have to be in COMPLETE AND UTTER ALIGNMENT. Trying to achieve some goal you think you should want because of ‘XYZ’ is not what I am here for. And it is my job is to not let you sit in your delusion about what you ‘should’ want. My job is to make sure you are being real with yourself, acknowledging your deepest desires, and giving yourself permission to have them. THEN we can have the conversation as to how to line up with them. Which bring me to….

>>Everything is inside of you. THE PATH TO YOUR FREEDOM, HAPPINESS, AND JOY IS INSIDE OF YOU. And has never been outside. There is no person that is going to give you the magic key to your destiny. No one is going to bestow the feeling of worthiness onto you so that you can suddenly feel good enough for your dreams. It is all you. You have all the power. And have ALWAYS had all of the power. Maybe you don’t remember this truth. Maybe you forgot or chose to stuff it away… but you have always known somewhere in your soul. You have all the power to manifest what you desire. You have the entire treasure map inside of you. And you are choosing how fast you achieve your souls desires. You are choosing whether to choose resistance or flow on a daily basis. You are choosing whether or not to honor your values each day and you are choosing when and how and how fast you become this version of you that knows these things. And embodies them. And lives them on a daily basis. And it is my job to help you remember these truths inside of you and light up the path within you.. that has always BEEN THERE. This. Whole. Time.

What will my results be?

This totally depends on you and your desires. If you really want to be fully lined up energetically and clear within yourself and learn how to line up you energy and be confident and take aligned steps forward then I am your girl. But really it is up to you. What I do know is that you are infinitely powerful. You can create the life that you want, and the dreams and desires that you see inside of you are real. What my problem used to be and the problems that I see in my clients / people in general regarding creating the life they desire and so forth is…

#1 fear. Being paralyzed by the fear and thinking ‘it’s real’ (It is real… but only until you make it not real because it is only as valid as you make it) and thus spending lots of time spinning your wheels and not moving forward. Fear is not something more powerful than you that you have to be clobbered by. Fear is really just an invitation to look at something and ask yourself ‘What is my core truth?’ When you connect to THAT, then zooming thru the fear and being a manifesting ninja and getting over your bullshit and choosing to live your best life now becomes your new normal. This is the standard for my life and the standard that I have for my clients. There is no wallowing in drama and trauma, (I mean that in the most loving way ever) just finding the truth inside of you making new choices and moving forward.

And #2 not knowing how to line up with what you want and being in alignment with YOUR true vision. Not your mothers vision, your brothers vision, your best friends vision, or the vision of someone you follow online… — but YOUR vision. What is true for you. What do you REALLY REALLY want? What does your heart desire for YOU to create? And what feels like fulfillment FOR YOU. And fun FOR YOU. I recommend constant daily checking into yourself and asking what feels good and aligned for you and journaling on your greatest magic and greatest expression of you and your life. Because if not… then your going to end up in the wrong life and feel depressed, unhappy, and unfulfilled! (Ask me how I know this) And I feel like this concept is not talked about enough or brought up or taught in our society… as we are a very outward focused society. But regardless, I’m BIG on alignment and holding this standard for myself, and thus will insist and hold you to that standard of being aligned within you.

How many session will I need to have to change things in my life?

It is my decision that ever reading that I do for someone is massively impactful and blows them away. This is just my choice and what I have set up in the energy because this is the type of practice I choose run and the type of experience I choose to have in my reality. I choose to write deepest desires into reality daily.

Regarding how many sessions you should get is up to what feels good to you. Maybe you only desire one session from me and that is perfect. Or maybe you only book a session when your soul prompts you to. Or maybe you wish to work with me longer term in a mentoring situation. In all things follow your soul nudges. Your soul is always leading you in the right direction. Knowing whether you want to work with me is a soul thing, and you’ll just know inside of you.

About 10 years ago I used to get the soul nudge… a few times a day for days… until I would finally follow my guidance to book the session with the person I was being guided to work with. My higher self just gave me the same impulse/ download over and over until I listened! With one of my mentors I worked with them monthly for almost 5 years. My other mentor I have been working with on and off for about 10 years now whenever I was soul guided to. Recently I followed my guidance to start mentoring weekly with them again, and I will continue to do so until my intuition tells me to stop!

So just follow your soul promptings and give your self permission to receive what you need and desire. I do find that finding a mentor that resonates with you on a soul level and has your same value set is life changing.

How fast can change occur?

The way I know how to answer this is with an example. When I had chronic exhaustion and was so tired most of the day that I wanted to go to sleep standing up most days and on top of that had tremendous brain fog…. on a 3D level according to doctors that was adrenal exhaustion and Epstein -Barr. Which I’m sure was true. However I know that everything is light and information and these patterns that were holding the symptom set of the exhaustion were fields of information that could be changed. Sometimes it takes one energy session. Sometimes it takes several depending on how complex/deep the pattern is.

How do you know? You do a session and then you measure using you intuition. Before I started clearing the patterns related to the exhausted I asked myself on a scale of 1 to 100 how tired I felt. I realized that on a daily basis I was between 15 and 35. (100 being full energy and feeling fantastic! And 0 being I might fall asleep) So I did the first energy session with myself and found I moved to between 45 and 60 after that session. Then I did another energy session and again measured afterward over the next few days as to how I felt. Long story short I ended up doing 5 sessions and now on a daily basis I feel at around 95 and the lowest I go is 85. I am very happy with that! So the answer in this case was 5 session were needed. Lots of times it only takes 1 session. However I have noticed that longstanding chronic patterns take multiple session only because there are multiple fields of energy to be cleared, AND the body needs time to adjust recalibrate etc. We are living in the 3D after all. — Now on another note I shift myself weekly energetically because it is just part of who I am…. just like I journal every single day. For me its not like, “Oh let me get this done and then I’ll never do another energy session again’, no… for me I keep aligning myself to my most divine fulfilling life. And when I collapse a pattern into harmony and flow within myself, I just more to another area of my life and aligne that and do what my intuition tells me to do next.

How do you know if I am the mentor for you?

I have a few practitioners that I see regularly, and I ‘see’ them regularly because of WHO THEY ARE. Because of what they believe, and what their concept and perception of reality is. I would not go to someone that I thought was more in illusion / held a lower frequency pattern than I do. So my intention is to not just get the messages overflowing from my heart out there into the world/internet… but also to show you who I am, what my perceptions in reality and consciousness are, so that you can know if I am the right mentor for you. If you know that I’m the mentor for you.. you’ll just know. It’s not a thinking thing… its a soul thing. All things are like this.

>>link to booking software and paypal coming soon.

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