Today I want to talk about collapsing the archetypes / identities that are keeping you stuck. I can’t even tell you in words HOW MUCH THIS CHANGED MY LIFE. When I figured this out (READ: I shut up long enough to listen to spirits medicine) it was like, OMG, I just spent years struggling and I had no reason to do that. Like none. If I had only known all these ‘self-sabotazing emotions’ I was dealing with were actually the KEY to unlocking all the doors. I would have fell over. I look at it now and it’s so easy for me to see. Because I’m on the other side of the door. All the emotions were leading me right to the identities / archetypes that were playing out in my subconscious. Like X marks the spot on a map. And all I had to do was energetically eject those identities like you eject a CD out of a DVD player. And If I knew I could rifle thru my DNA and CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE… the identities / archetypes that I WANTED to embody, and press play like on a remote control, I would have been like, OMG sign me up!!!
These identities are dictating what you believe you can have. They are dictating your WORTHINESS ON A SUBCONSCIOUS LEVEL. This is everything. All your problems and issues were created BEFORE you were 3. (Unless of course you had some sort of disaster /accident / trauma that caused major soul loss as an adult, which happens) However, even if this is the case, I’m still confident that 95% of your issues are all ‘under the rug’. You’re not actually conscious of the root core cause. Hence, the Jaguar showing himself as the guide and the messenger of this energetic portal. This energetic container that were doing together. He moves thru the darkness. He can track anything. And can bring it back. That’s what he does. He walks between dimensions. He finds parts of you that were lost or abandoned. And he brings them home to you. Now. You get to heal now. Not in like… 10 years. That’s not how this works. I have opened up a portal for healing & transformation. We are going in. Are you joining us? (Me and the Jaguar only, this is not a group program)
Energetic healing will take place.
Portals will be opened.
Energy will come thru.
Next level healing will happen.
Aspects of self will be returned.
Identities will be shifted.
You will never be the same, in the most intensely magical and orgasmic way. Because this is the way of the Jaguar. Full soul level healing. It’s starting now. The deadline to jump into this energetic portal with me closes on May 8th at midnight EST.
If you are the one the Jaguar has chosen, message me if you want in or have any questions. If we’re a fit to work together I’ll give you the payment link, and well get started. It’s 6 weeks of intense energetic work with me. You get to talk to me as many times a week as you want and WhatsApp access as well. (Mon-fri) Message me on FB. See you inside.

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