I have been mulling lately on these deeper aspects of self that are showing up in my psyche. And I can feel that my own dark goddess is starting to make herself more and more known lately. That part of me that fully shows up in the darkness. That sees it all. That knows all the patterns and can trace all the deep energy lines.

It’s that part of me that shows up sometimes, but really I keep her in the shadows. She doesn’t fully show up in my life. She is in the fringes of my consciousness. But every time I really need her she is always there for me. Always showing up and clearing or nixing whatever needs to be done in my life. But she gets almost no credit. Even though she helps me immensely. She is the part of me that is not socially acceptable the part of me that has not been front and center and showed up fully within my body. But I can feel her. I can feel her full essence. She is showing up more and more each day. I am letting her in more and more each day. I can see deep level pattern in myself and in the people that show up in my email for sessions. She shows up and shows me the energy patterns that are underlying in peoples consciousness. She takes the surface level problems that people are having in their life and brings up the core root cause of said pattern. She sees patterns across areas of life and traces the energy for me. And I can see it. So clearly. Like never before. And it’s amazing.

Some things I want sorted out in my life, are actually so easy when you look at it on the base level. On the level, beneath the level, beneath the level. And they’re solved just like that. She shows up in session all the time, but doesn’t show up much on FB. And maybe that needs to change. Because truth be told. I actually really like the darkness. It feels like truth to me. It feels real. I see through all the bullshit projections that people make and create and project. And even my fiends, when they have something they don’t want to see themselves, they will literally hide from me. And I know it, because they know I’ll see it, and they don’t want to see it themselves, so they will subconsciously hide from me. It’s a little amusing. But they’re my friends of course so let them have their space. But I can feel her, she’s going to come out in full force soon, and step more into the light.

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