The coolest image just downloaded into my head! I saw this image of a space station. I am the space station in this analogy. And there is this little shuttle next to me and the shuttle is my desire. And I see a docking port on the side of my space station, and the docking port appearing is an analogy for me being energetically open and receptive to my desires. i.e. I have made space for it, I have gotten clear I want it, and I am open to other people seeing that I want it and am open for it. And I see my shields are down on my space station, meaning… I’m not ACTIVELY repelling the thing I want anymore. (i.e. the shuttle)

And I feel like I just have to calibrate in my energy to the feeling of the shuttle coming in and docking. And I feel like, as soon as I feel the shuttle dock on my space station, that is the energy of… ‘I already have my desire, it is already here’. My mind is always giving me clairvoyant images to show me where my energy is at, and sometimes I am just so in awww of the images my subconscious comes up with!

When I was doing a lot of relationship readings I would always get images of green houses, and could tell by where the two people were in relation to the green house and what they were doing, as to what was going on in the relationship. The green house representing the ‘relationship’ itself of course.

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