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The energy of these cards:

These cards bring up the energy of the emotional depths we have inside of us. But they bring it up in a cheerful, fishy sort of fun way! The energy is very watery, but what is within the water is very real, and what is reveled is very pertinent. The mermaids know exactly what you need to know now… even if your ego doesn’t see it at first.

What I love about these cards:

I love the playful energy and the dominate archetypes and symbolism that is contained with in the cards. Being form Lucy and Selina, they marry the energies of words and art perfectly. I like that these cards contain some frequencies that my other cards don’t.

What kinds of readings these cards show up for:

These cards show up when truth and transparency is needed. When the answer that you need to know is emotional in nature and can only be brought up with love and tenderness. The mermaids have a love and gentleness about hem that allow precious things to be brought to the surface and healed. They also show up when one is trying to go in the wrong direction and their love and guidance can help bring you back on the path of the heart.
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