Every archetype that you have running in your subconscious has different ideas about life. Has different ideas about what they can have. What they deserve. How others treat them. And what they can attain, as well as how they would even go about attaining those things. I realized this when I was doing a lot of emotional clearing on people. We would get the bottom of their emotional issue and then I would find this identity / archetypes pattern running in their psyche. And when I started to delete / extract those identities out of their subconscious (and myself too) they started to have a LOT of shifts. And I noticed that everyone has about one or two big identities running in their sub that are causing about 90% of their trouble. And in removing them, and then choosing NEW identities in their place was creating a LOT of shifts. I did this myself in my own reality and my business exploded. Because my abandoned / wounded child wasn’t ruining this anymore. Now my ‘Online Business Owner’ archetype is taking over. And my ‘Sorceress’ is as well. (The Sorceress obviously being WAY more powerful.) But one of the first things I stared to do was make myself clear / neural to all the associations that these archetypes in my psyche would have. Below is a list of the things I would neutralize. 


Archetype Clear 

1) Morphic Field 

2) Life Path 

3) Lessons 

4) Challenges 

5) Gifts 

6) Inner Shadow / Sub Repression 

7) Issues Struggles 

8) Ideas / Beliefs / Perception of the world 

9) Hopes & Dreams

10) Thoughts 

11) Emotional patterns 

12) Behavior Patterns 

13) Anything Else / Universes Discretion 


I just started calling it an architect clear. And then once the pattern was neutralized, I would then just release / eject / remove the ‘grid pattern’ of this computer program out of the sub. Now after this is done everything that is no longer a match that is in your energy field that was attached to this identity begins to fall away. This can mean emotional patterns, behavioral patterns, ways of seeing yourself ect. You can suddenly start to perceive that these other things are available to you now. Things that maybe before felt so out of reach you couldn’t even conceive of having them, even though you deeply wanted them. The most dramatic thing I have noticed is that aspects of self start to enfold back into the body. So any fragmentation that happened starts to dissolve and these pieces-of-self merge back into the body. This centers all the power back into the body. And then you start to really merge with your power. Because you are your power. And when you are fragmented your not happy and you’re certainly not effective in creating your dreams. But when you’re more whole and enfolded back in, your very powerful because all the pieces / aspects of you are focus dint eh same direction going forward at the same time. Then you are a force to be reckoned with! Ask me how I know this!

But anyways my new 6 week 1:1 high level program is open now. This is for you if you feel on a soul level it is for you. We are going to do all the things that I talked about in this post and more. You get full access to me and my codes and all the energy work that I do, and we start when you decide to enroll. You can talk to me as much on the phone each week, and we’ll WhatsApp back and forth between calls. I can do energy work via WhatsApp there is no time and space. Message me on FB or email at Support{{AT}}arwenMcLaughlin.com if you want further details and pricing info!

Much love guys! 

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