So, I love money. I really do. When I think about having more of it I get very excited and want to go to fun things with it. I associate money with fun. I also associate it with not knowing when it’s going to come, but when it does there sure is a lot of it! This emotional pattern that was playing out with money was the SAME emotional pattern that was playing out with my ex-boyfriend! YAY! For pattern recognition! (End applause) This is all fine and good to recognize until you see that your pattern here is going to keep you in an up and down pattern with money. .

Wishing I had more money. Wishing my ex would spend more time with me (previously, I have let him go now) wishing that he would be consistent, feeling like I could trust him (and money) and it was all so simple when I looked at it on vibrational level. And all so simple when I just decided I was just going to BE different with money. When I was going to let money be the fun joyful, consistent, and committed love. Then things changed. But not before.

By changing my identity / role and relationship with money I changed my experience with money. Money comes more frequently now and comes in greater and greater amounts. I receive it more and more often and have more and more fun as well. If this vibrates with you and you want to do the vibration work to encode a new state in your body and you feel a resonance with my new energetic container Merge With You Power. Reach out and let me know. A lot of the details are on the ‘merge with your power’ page under the ‘work with me’ tab. 

Much love today guys. 

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