Didn’t anybody tell you?

Oh no? They told you to hide?

They told you to sit still be a good little girl

Don’t make waves… don’t talk to dead people… don’t freak out the adults who are in their little 3D box of illusion and societal conditioning?

Don’t talk to God that would be wrong.

Don’t tap into the power inside of you that would be wrong.

Don’t be too big.

Don’t be too bright.

That’s not ok. That’s not acceptable.


But you KNOW that all of that ‘talk’ is rubbish.


Because you KNOW that your reality is whatever you say that it is.


And if you are unwilling to listen to the limited realities of others…. And if you are unwilling to allow their smallness to influence you… and to cloud and overshadow YOUR TRUTH….

Then good.

You’re just like me.

Unwilling to do what other people tell you to do.

Unwilling to live a boring life.

Unwilling to allow your passion and your voice go unnoticed while your slips by you into some sort of bland milquetoast normalcy like other the other people are living.


You are a creator.

You are a multidimensional  master.

And you have come here for more than the picket fence and the shiny car that takes your whole paycheck.

You are here to birth your soul onto this plane.

You are here to live in accordance with your own truth.

You are here to create things on your terms that feel soul aligned with YOU.

Because there is only you.

There is only you.

There is only you.

And you are magnificent.

And you are creating love reflected back to you in all ways.

And you are creating massive undulations of joy and delightfulness all around you.

And you are radiating out mega super human vibes.

And then it is so.

And that is what you get.

And you know that.

In your soul.

What is really really really epically true for you that you can’t turn away from?

What has always been your truth?

Because that is you breath.

That is you life force.

That is your joy and power on the physical plane.

Remember now.



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