I have decided I am ready for a 🌹 new boyfriend🌹 now. Finally. 😂 And now that I’ve moved to a new place emotionally where I am ready. I have energetically moved myself into the energy of ‘he is already here’ and each day I have been tuning in and feeling… if I had a lover what would I like to do with him today? And then I do that. Yesterday I wanted a full body massage. 😍 So I imagined that I received one, and felt into every detail. And it was wonderful! Every single day I have been feeling into this, so much now that in just a few days, it has felt like this easy practice. I feel like I am being taken care of.🌹 I am being loved. 🌹 I am being held. 🌹 And all the things I want RIGHT NOW. 🌹And I’m so excited, because not only am I FEELING how I want to feel right now. I am not waiting. (Waiting only begets more waiting) I know that at some point the energy will ‘tip over’ and the right soul aligned boyfriend will appear! And I’m going to be so filled up and ready when he gets here, that he better be ready! 💜💜💜


All 🎉manifestation🎉 is… is turning the dial up and up and up.🔥🔥🔥

When I had one client I was in the energy of “Omg I have 3 clients!” 

When I had 3 clients… I was I the energy of “Omg I have 6 clients!”

And when I had 6 clients… I was in the energy of “Omg I have 10 clients a week!” 

And when I had 10 clients, I was in the energy of “I’m booked out. I’m overflowing with people who want to work with me!” 


You turn the dial up a little bit each day! It’s always about leaning into the next ‘I have a little bit more, and a little bit more. This knocks up your bandwidth to receive.🎉🎉



Creating change is easy when you have the backing of the whole universe behind you. And you have the backing of the whole universe when you’re listening to your soul. 


Every blog you don’t write, even video you don’t make, is you blocking your receiving. 🧚 Who knows what the universe could have brought you if you had just DONE THE THINGS. 🧚‍♀️ Manifestation is about energy. And at the same time… it is about taking the inspired action your soul is telling you to do. 🧚‍♀️So, when you don’t do ‘it’… you’re actually blocking on some level the universe bringing you your stuff. Each inspired action you do is like a little mini-portal that the universe can use for your good.. that it can use to bring you divine opportunities, people, and things. Stop blocking your good. LET IT IN. 🧚‍♀️ It’s knocking on your door. Start by doing what you KNOW your soul has already told you to do. 


The Identities I’m currently embodying / energetically bringing thru the body:

1 Merlin

2 Quantum Queen

3 The go-to High Level Energy Healer

4 Wealthy woman

5 Creator God

Remember… you get to encode into your identity that you are loved / wanted / celebrated / happy / receiving infinitely. Just reminding you. 💜


This whole time I thought that I was trying to ‘have’ a business. But now I know that it wasn’t that at all. I was trying to BE a certain person. The type of person / the version of ME that just has the business and it is just a naturally extension of who I am. And there is no effort, no striving, no trying, because it is just done. I am this person. And so therefore, it’s easy. 


You cannot change your reality by trying to change the reflection in the mirror. You change YOU then the image in the mirror changes. You change the root core cause pattern, and then the reflection in the mirror changes. 


When you learn how to harness universal forces it doesn’t matter when you do things. Because it’s all quantum and there is no time. So you can do things in any order you like, or not do them at all. And you’ll still get the result. 

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