You will never manifest something by feeling like you NEED that thing in order to feel safe / loved / worthy / saved period the end. If you feel that way then there is a part of you fragmented out of the body that needs to be integrated. Then your emotions will change and you will feel like ‘you already have that’ and then you WILL have that because we live in an attraction based universe where you get what you are.
When you are BEING on a core identity level you’re soul inspired IDENTITIES / ARCHETYPES then manifestation is easy. You are literally writing the codes for your reality just by breathing. Because when you are embodying the soul essence version of self, this version of you feels that what you really truly WANT… “IS ALREADY DONE”. And when you can FEEL that, the manifestation is inevitable. You make manifestation inevitable / easy / effortless by BEING THE IDENTITY that would have it.
What do you regret? Because when you regret something it’s because your soul told you to do something, AND YOU DIDN’T DO IT. Your welcome. And I suggest 30 min of journaling on that!! When I usually ask myself this question… I’ll put a time frame on it… so something like, “What do I regret about last month?” or What do I regret about last year?” If I want to see the bigger picture about what my soul was telling me to do.
Do you want to live your purpose? Then you need to ‘HOOK’ into that reality. You need to feel the emotion of the identity that already lives that way, does things that way, thinks that way. And the best way I know how to do that is to ENERGETICALLY embody that identity. I like to do this on an energetic subconscious level.
Part of being in your power is when you see things that need to be sorted, you SORT them. You don’t let them linger.
You know what I do after I remove a core archetype energetically out of someones subconscious? I replace the removed ‘programming’ with divine template of that persons unique soul blueprint so the energy can flow the way it was originally intending. I BRING FORTH the original instructions of that persons soul BEFORE there was any distortion to the pattern. Before there was any soul loss, before there were preconceived notions about reality / or societies programmings or ancestral programs. And I bring forth THE TRUTH of that persons soul and energetically bring that thru the DNA and bring it thru the spine, and send it thru all the cells, the nervous system, and all the energetic layers of the body. So the person can operate out of their own soul level truth, and NOT their traumas & issues.

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