Are you aligned?


Are you the person who would create the thing/ have the thing/ be doing the ‘things’ on a daily basis?


Because if not… you’re not going to manifest it in the most epic / fun/ flowy way!!!

I’ve had to do some hard looking at how I am BEING in regard to my relationship. How I am being when it comes to BEING a vibrational match to what I want in a relationship. How I want it to feel. How I want to spend my days on a daily basis. What I choose to be REAL for me.


What I choose to for my amazing, and loving, and soul inspiring, and ‘light me on fire’ emotionally relationship to be for me. The experience that I choose to consciously manifest.


And I have to admit I’m not lined up.

I mean… I am partially lined up. I am probably about 70% lined up.

And that is great… 70% is wayyyyyyy better than how I used to be lined up for sure!!!!


But I have really really high standards for myself!

So no 70% is NOT going to cut it. In fact 99% isn’t even good enough.

Because I know inside that I get to have everything that I dream and desire.

I get to have everything that I my soul is whispering to me that I can create.


And I get to have the 100%.

I get to have most super in flow and alignment relationship known to man.


And I know it is inevitable.

In my SOUL.

I know that it is already manifesting in the energy.

And every day I choose 100% alignment.

And every day I move my vibration most into the version of me who is living the dreams I desire.

And every day I affirm that it is done.

>> It is inevitable. <<

>> It is happening now. <<

I make lists of all the things I LOVE 💕 LOVE ❤️ LOVE 💗 about what I have going on right now.

And I bask and roll around in those feelings… in those energies.. Because they feel so so so good.

And sometimes it’s a S-T-R-E-T-C-H for me to get myself to flip a certain feeling around. To take something that does feel right – to take the feeling of ‘I can’t have that’ – and turn that around into… ‘Of course I can have that! It’s already done!!!”  And I spent the better part of an hour yesterday doing just that.


And in that hour I MOVED WORLDS.

Because that is how you create stuff!!!!!

I vibrated at “I receive $500 on a table”… (I work part time at a super fine dining restaurant) for about 10 to 15 min a day and it took 10 days for that to manifest. AND I didn’t even do it every day. Sometimes I’m lazy, I’m not good at consistency. But I am good at choosing to vibrate at what I want. Which is the most important thing! Because what you vibrate at manifest.


So you must decide that everything is working out FOR YOU.

You must decide that all your efforts and all your choices are bringing in 5 times amount of work you put it in!!!

You get to decide all of this!


Did you know??? Do you remember that truth???

We are in a hologram and we are choosing everything!!!!

Have you chosen yet?

Have you tuned into your soul and chosen and pulled out, and grabbed your truth and looked it in the eye???


That you are powerful!

You are whole already.

You are enough already.

There is nothing you need to do to be good enough.

There is nothing you need to do in order to receive.

I order to have the gold laden gates of prosperity open before you and bestow all your desires and dreams before you served on silver platters with fruit and sandwiches!!!!


It’s already here. The platters are already here. The doors of opportunity are already here.

And they are here because you say that they are.

They are here because you claim them.


And I choose these things on a daily basis.


Case in point.

I like to write.

I like to make my videos and put them on YouTube… and at one point, I was annoyed and I was feeling that I do allllllll this work and I do alllllll these videos and they aren’t returning anything. I want to have more flow, I want to have more money, I want to have to fun and joy…. and I asked the 👻 dreaded 🧠 muggle question… “What do I do?” Which in my genius I WOULD NEVER ASK NOW. Because I know that it’s not about what you do, it’s about HOW YOU ARE BEING…about how fast you are bending time and space to your will, and your ability to stand in your power and command the energy.


I mean of course… how else could it possibly be?


So back to my story, I was begin moanyyyy and complainyyyyy and just feeling sorry for myself. Which does nothing for manifestation by the way. It just creates more of the same. Because what you are feeling and vibrating to impresses on the quantum field around you… the quantum field just returns to you what you impressed upon it…. so being a wet mop is commanding worlds to RETURN MORE OF THE SAME.


Hellooooo Arwen. Get a grip. Return to your core truth.


Turn be told, I wasn’t saying how I wanted things to be.

I wasn’t insisting on it.

I wasn’t insisting on allll my content creates and draws to me all the perfect soul aligned people. .

I wasn’t insisting on my writing and my videos create a frequency, and that frequency draws the right people to me.

I wasn’t insisting on everything I do works.

I wasn’t insisting on everything supports me.

I wasn’t insisting on everything returns more level to me 100 fold.

I wasn’t insisting on my content is from my heart and therefore it draws the perfect peeps to me for years to come.

I wasn’t insisting on my content creates and generates more and more love in my reality and compounds on itself as years pass.

I wasn’t insisting on everything works out NOW.


Because when you insist on it… you tell all the universal particles around you that is what you get to have.

This is what is real for you.

This is how things are you for.

This is you normal… and of course this is how things work.

Of course.

There is no other way.

You know in your heart it has always been this.

The choosing.

The claiming.

And standing in your truth.

And it is available to you now.

And when you claim it, the golden doors will appear and open before you.

Metaphorically of Couse… unless you really desire to have golden doors or something.

Which you can have if that is what you really want.





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