When you get to the energy… behind the energy… behind the energy… things are so easy to change. What it looks like on the surface is NOT the pattern. You have to go underneath it. Energetically. And it’s easy, you just ask… “What is underneath this?”

And it will be shown. If needed you ask again.

You can feel inside your body when you get to the ‘energetic bottom’ of something. And then you change it there. And then EVERYTHING SHIFTS.

And it’s…



I don’t even know how to convey this to you in a written post. Its like BOOM miracle. That thing you’ve been struggling with for 6 months? Done in like 30 min when you know what you’re doing and how to access the right thing energetically. Again, its not what you’re doing… its WHERE you’re doing it from. (‘Where’ as in layer of consciousness / brain wave state.)

When you ACTUALLY want to be successful, you’ll stop doing surface level work, and start doing energetic / embodiment work on a deep core level.

And your results will reflect it. 

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